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Sushi Kanesaka at 45 Park Lane

Behind a discreet doorway, poised elegantly above Park Lane and yet a million miles from the world below, Sushi Kanesaka’s exclusive dining event transports guests to another realm, where an adventure through refinement awaits to fascinate the senses.
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Quite simply a celebration of great food and drink. Check availability and book a table online.
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Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm & 8.30pm sittings


Dress code: While there’s no strict rule book, we kindly suggest no sportswear or shorts.

Guests: As the menu is subject to change based on the daily availability of ingredients, we are unable to modify the menu to suit individual needs – with this in mind, we consider Sushi Kanesaka to be suitable for those aged 12 and above.

Vibe: Gourmet dining

We are proud to present the singular mastery of Sushi Kanesaka in a true celebration of the Japanese culinary tradition of Omakase.

With an open heart, the chef stands before you, waiting to serve and delight.

Poetry in motion

To celebrate the Japanese culinary tradition of omakase within a sublime setting of sophistication and privacy, 45 Park Lane presents the singular mastery of Sushi Kanesaka; a world-class destination born to elevate the authenticity and ritual splendour of sushi in a true embodiment of Japanese fine dining

Authentic design

Omakase experience

Japanese sake

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Introducing Shinji Kanesaka

Simplicity becomes an art form, where chef Shinji Kanesaka creates a menu of balance and harmony. Bringing his talents to Mayfair from Tokyo’s exclusive Ginza district, Shinji Kanesaka serves sushi in the Edomae style; its most traditional form.

By embracing the spirit of omakase, I’m free to select from the seasonal delights of Japan’s 72 micro seasons for my ingredients, and deliver something utterly fresh with every slice of my blade.

Shinji Kanesaka, Chef at Sushi Kanesaka
Special occasions

Special occasions

For when only the simply remarkable will do, Sushi Kanesaka offers a private room, seating four diners at their own counter, served by their own private chef. A sublime experience.

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45 Park Lane, London W1K 1PN

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