When in Rome

Destination guide to Rome

As one of the world’s most celebrated cultural capitals, Rome is rich in extraordinary beauty, captivating history and vibrant street life. Where else can you pop into a church and see a Caravaggio, stroll through glorious gardens overlooking the city sights, and taste the greatest gelato of your life?

 It’s named the ‘Eternal City’ because locals believe Rome will live on forever. Wander the winding streets and you’ll soon see why.

Explore the depths of history from the height of luxury. Our local knowledge will take you to the traditional heart of this spectacular city.

Few cities can rival Rome. From the best time of day to visit the Villa Borghese to the hidden staircase at Palazzo Barberini, let us spark your imagination and help you find fresh discoveries.

Vibrant culture

Historic landmarks

Bustling streets