Art at 45 Park Lane

At 45 Park Lane guests are offered a rich and varied art programme including personal exhibition tours by artists themselves, the opportunity to take painting lessons with artists and special access to their personal studios. While the artwork in the restaurant, guest rooms and corridors is permanent, the hotel also holds a series of intimate and exclusive temporary exhibitions and displays…

TADEMA STUDIOS  |  45 Park Lane Artist’s shows  2013 

Following the success of Christian Furr and Chris Bracey’s Staying Alive, the next exhibition in the 2013 programme is:

SIR PETER BLAKE – Sunday December 8, 2013 – Friday January 10, 2014

As an exceptional end to the calendar year, the Library at 45 Park Lane will host a Christmas themed collection of prints by iconic British Pop Artist, Sir Peter Blake.Known for his love affair with icons and popular culture, the collection will bring to the hotel the artist’s signature vibrancy and will be showcased from Saturday, December 7 2013 – Friday, January 10, 2014. 

For further information about the exhibitions at 45 Park Lane, please call +44 20 7493 4545 or email