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Becoming a successful leader means supporting, empowering and inspiring your employees. In this programme we cover the many facets of inspirational leadership, from strategic thinking and confidence to creating a more inclusive workplace.
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The DNA of Trust

Trust touches every area of business. This programme is predominantly aimed at leaders who want to understand the key components of the ‘Trust DNA’ in their teams. As trust is a two-way exchange, we’ll also explore how your own actions can influence the type of trust others will have in you.


The Coaching Habit

Suitable for all managers, this workshop helps you to understand what coaching is – and what it is not. Presented alongside other strategies such as mentoring, training and facilitating, you’ll develop your own essential coaching skills through practice and the GROW model.


Fast Forward Programme

Leaders and aspiring leaders in mid-management tiers can be the biggest drivers for business excellence. This five-module course focuses on leadership topics, giving you the chance to practise new skills and develop confidence for future management positions.


Empowerment for Leaders

This programme is aimed at team leaders, managers and mid-level managers, and covers practical ways to boost employee engagement and help individuals reach their full potential. We’ll explore what empowered leadership looks like, how self-expression is linked to empowerment and motivation, and the importance of trust when employees are facing uncertainty.


Luxury Mindset: How to Be

  • Perceptions
  • Building your legacy
  • Self-awareness and management
  • Priority management
  • Resilience and composure

Managing Luxury: How to Act

  • Living the values
  • Selecting and retaining your team
  • Leading your team
  • Leadership presence
  • What gets measured gets done

Inspiring Luxury: How to Create Alignment

  • Creating a culture
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Creativity
  • Leading projects and change

General Managers’ Programme – Leadership Perspectives

This comprehensive programme helps you develop and refine the way you lead your business. Suitable for all levels of experience, from promising deputies to tenured professionals, this course stands apart from other leadership courses thanks to a unique combination of experiential and content learning, and a key focus on self-development.

Over nine modules, you’ll take a fresh look at your own operations and learn invaluable skills for interacting with stakeholders. We’ll also welcome key experts from Dorchester Collection who share their insights from different areas of expertise (such as revenue, operational, and people and culture). You’ll leave with personal and practical take-aways and a reliable support network for long-term learning and collaboration.


Enabling Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

It’s common knowledge that workplace diversity boosts performance, employee satisfaction and retention. For leaders this means embracing inclusion and creating a culture of belonging. In this course we’ll create a safe space for you to address discomfort felt during challenging situations, whilst highlighting the importance of inclusivity and cognitive diversity. We’ll also explore how leadership can create an inclusive environment, with time for discussion and self-reflection.


Leading Change Projects

This session takes a deep dive into the emotional effects of change and how, as a leader, you can help your team successfully navigate through adjustments in the workplace. We’ll take a look at the values and belief systems of employees that could derail the change you’re looking for, while finding ways to reach a successful transformation.


Reshaping Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Using shapes and colours as a metaphor, this session creates a safe space for you to share thoughts and ideas, while gaining an appreciation of different cultures, experiences and backgrounds, and how these can enrich your business and customer experience. We’ll consider the importance of belonging and respect, and discuss the difference between a diverse group and an inclusive one.