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Through our unique insight into the world of luxury hospitality guests, we’ve learned that the ultimate service experience is multi-faceted. This series of courses invites you to look closely at your own business and uncover new ways to enhance and elevate your customer interactions. Our sessions are all half day, with the option of in-person or virtual delivery.
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Creating Brand ‘You’

This session will see you build skills and confidence in knowing your personal brand and what it means to reflect this in everything you do. We’ll use the theory of ‘emotional intelligence’ to look at ways you can proactively engage in meaningful conversations and develop business relationships.


Essentials of Exceptional Service

The evolving nature of customer service means that expectations are continuously being elevated. This course introduces the principles of customer interactions, combined with understanding their emotional needs. Our trainers will share inspirational examples from Dorchester Collection to spark your imagination.


Ultimate Customer Experience

Developing on the Essentials of Exceptional Service, the focus of this course is offering the ultimate customer experience to each individual. We look specifically at interactions within the luxury industries.


Ultimate Customer Recovery

Naturally, mistakes can happen, but it’s rarely this that disengages your customer. In this course we focus on dealing with difficult situations, supporting unhappy customers and making sure they become lifelong ambassadors for your business.


Sense of Luxury

In an environment where customers enjoy being indulged, we need to have a clear understanding of luxury. What does the word ‘luxury’ truly mean? In this course we’ll gain a holistic understanding of luxury, focusing on key aspects to boost your confidence in customer interactions. Finally, you’ll be asked to make measurable commitments based on your learning.


What’s in a Name?

Engaging with a customer by name is a vital component of the ultimate service experience in a luxury setting. Together we’ll explore the significance of using a name and how it can work for your business. We’ll also introduce handy memory techniques to help with recalling names.


Understanding Luxury Service

Understanding how to deliver exceptional service underpins the luxury market today. During this course we’ll explore the key elements of emotional luxury, learning how to deliver a bespoke and personalised experience for your discerning customers.


Sustainability in the Luxury Hospitality Industry

The pandemic has changed the way we consume and travel, and prompted us to rethink important issues. In this course we’ll explore how the expectations of different generations are evolving, and what this means for the hospitality industry. We’ll offer a panoramic view across luxury industries, highlighting sustainability trends and new initiatives.


Make It Personal, Make It Memorable

We engage with people every day, but in your business, is the importance of these interactions genuinely understood? In this course we’ll develop a mindset that cultivates bespoke memorable moments, unveiling the sources of appropriate customer information. We’ll also learn how to use technology and insights to build customer personas.



We’ve learned that storytelling is a wonderful way to win the hearts and minds of our customers. This course focuses on using storytelling to strengthen customer engagement. We’ll consider different ways it could work for your business, uncovering your unique stories waiting to be told. You’ll craft your very own story and practise the learning points from the session.


The Art of Small Talk

Small talk with customers can be the foundation of a long-lasting relationship, but it’s a skill that requires practice and confidence. In this course we introduce a three-step framework involving asking questions, responding and encouraging. We’ll also cover topics to avoid and exit strategies.


The Ultimate Welcome

In a world moving away from traditional values, extending a warm, genuine welcome can really set your business apart. For this course you’ll define, develop and present your own ultimate welcome, and identify unique ways to reflect the spirit of your brand. We’ll explore the emotional impact of a personalised welcome and how you can achieve this.


Understanding Service for UHNW

Defining what it means to be an UHNW individual is the first step in understanding their lifestyle and what they consider valuable. Through extensive research, we’ve identified the emotional needs of UHNW customers and will share this knowledge for your business. We encourage all service employees and supervisors to attend this session.


Pulling Together – Supporting Your Organisation

Success can depend on how employees across all levels pull together and work towards a shared goal. For this course we’ll explore how individual roles may impact attitudes, and uncover new ways for you to support both personal and professional success.


Gracious and Elegant Service

As the world changes, so too does our understanding of luxury. This course introduces the concept of gracious and elegant service, a timeless approach that can truly connect people, customers and employees alike. We’ll use relevant examples, stories and scenarios to help you discover new ways of interacting with customers and delivering on their needs.