Stories of success

Dorchester Collection Academy

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see things from a whole new perspective. Here we share a few of the different ways our facilitators have worked closely with a range of different clients, carefully curating bespoke programmes to help them achieve new direction and focus.

A new perspective on medical care

Supporting UHNW clients in any industry is a skill requiring confidence, intuition and understanding. We applied our own insight to create a bespoke programme for a company offering medical care for a unique clientele.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to support an operational team with improving their customer service for patients including nobility and heads of state. Differing cultural backgrounds made it more challenging for employees to understand their patients’ needs.

After an initial conversation, the scope expanded from generic service training to a fully-integrated programmed aligned with the company owners’ vision and values. We aimed to elevate their hospitality service to best in class, to define their leadership and create a ‘reward and recognition’ component. This would then be rolled out across different countries.




We used data from stakeholder interviews, psychological research and input from Dorchester Collection experts to tailor the programme. To give participants the space to explore and engage with the big questions, the programme was structured over four days and included a number of key considerations:

    • Make it fun and include improvisation exercises
    • Include a focus group session
    • Celebrate stories of shared values to strengthen team bonds
    • Host a design workshop to inspire novel solutions for operational challenges
    • Use realistic practice scenarios to develop competencies
    • Introduce guest speakers to highlight cultural diversity nuances
    • Include memorable immersive experiences

Given the sensitivity and gravity of some of the topics, the programme aimed for conversations that were meaningful, insightful yet inspiring.


From the start, this project was intended to be the first stepping stone for a long-term partnership, which means we’ve measured the impact of the programme over an extended period of time.

The final celebratory event showed sincere and heartfelt gratitude from all those who took part. For the weeks following, participants positively reviewed the training, particularly the immersive experiences. On a day-to-day basis, we also found the participants were connecting more with their patients and adopting new service behaviours.

At middle management level, the programme led to a re-evaluation of management practices and reframing of leadership behaviours.

The senior leadership team, having seen the positive impact on the team, has reached out to us for future development initiatives.


The fast-moving world of luxury cars

In the competitive industry of luxury car sales, it can difficult to stand out from the crowd. We took on the challenge to help a business truly understand the meaning of luxury, and how customer service can be tailored to support their discerning clientele.

The Challenge

With the aim of gaining competitive advantage, the business had implemented a number of initiatives, including refurbishing their showrooms, re-evaluating customer expectations and assessing new trends in the luxury car industry. The flagship store was moved to a new location and new customer service roles added, however it soon became clear that the way luxury car buyers shop was changing. They realised they needed to create more impactful customer service interactions.

The client identified a number of customer-facing roles that needed a deeper understanding of what luxury service is. Any training also needed to be reflected across all outlets around the UK.


First, the team created a marketing campaign to illustrate the way they wanted to present themselves. This was followed by a visit to the flagship outlet to make sure the company ethos was reflected on the shop floor.

We created a programme that would resonate with the participants, and invited the management team to join an adapted version of the programme. Part of this included a fine dining experience to motivate employees and give them an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of luxury.

We also introduced on-the-job coaching, taking place two weeks after the training. This practical coaching served two purposes: to refresh the learned content and to offer feedback in the actual work environment. It also highlighted any gaps, namely the additional support needed for the customer-facing team. This feedback was shared with management and the training was extended to further positions within the business. 


It was fantastic to see how quickly the changes made a profound difference. Highly valued customers offered praise on the service upgrade, while front line employees regained their motivation, showed more initiative and delivered a more refined service. In one instance, the new behaviour even solicited a more effortless sale.

The glowing testimonials of those who attended the training programme were coupled with their renewed sense of enthusiasm for delivering better customer service.  


Creating a bright future for recruitment

We decided to think outside the box when creating a bespoke programme to shape the strategy for a successful recruitment business.

The Challenge

We were approached by a recruitment company wanting to capitalise on their past success and identify their strategic direction for the future. The CEO and senior leaders recognised that this initiative needed to engage the different heads of the division and expand their thinking from purely operational to strategic. We were asked to create a programme aligned with the company ethos: fun, dynamic, competitive, highly driven and agile.


Our team looked beyond classic strategy outings and instead used experiential activities, which gave the senior leadership team the opportunity to consider novel ways of getting their message across. It also welcomed external partners to shape the agenda in a way that it would be impactful for far longer than the two days of the event. We also took care of all the logistics with the host venue to give a sense of luxury service.

The management team was able to adopt new perspectives and gain practical management tips. They also explored potential avenues for structural changes to the business, while unlocking strengths and opportunities for themselves. The event was equally insightful for the CEO, who received ample feedback and gained a more nuanced understanding of his team.


Since the programme, the leaders have put employee engagement high on the agenda and made it a priority conversation topic. Individual managers have also taken ownership of employee development and examined where existing work practices could risk potential losses.

The company ethos and culture helped make this a fun event for everyone involved. It also successful opened up new communication channels across the management team.

As part of our commitment to making long-lasting change, our facilitator outlined a roadmap for continuing these new leadership practices.

I thought the content and delivery were first class. The team was certainly enthused and now we just need to ensure the learnings are transferred into actions.


Consultant, Luxury Automotive