Employees of Dorchester Collection hotel group


Belong to the legend

What better way to show you what working with us really means than by hearing stories straight from the heart of some of our colleagues across the collection. See what inspires them and how much they value our strong sense of community.

Richard Karegeya

Richard Karegeya

The Dorchester

Joined the company: August 2021

It means two things: a sense of family, and an element of luxury.

By treating my colleagues as I do my guests, with a profound respect and support at all times.

Enjoy the journey, and you will be pleased and grateful at the end of each day.

Leonardo Barlondi

Head Sommelier
The Dorchester

Joined the company: December 2021

Legacy, history, being part of one of the most important hotel companies in the world.

Leading by example, sharing the knowledge, being humble, admitting mistakes, and speaking kindly to colleagues.

Leonardo Barlondi
Member of kitchen from Coworth Park Ascot

Abdallah Jelibi

Senior Chef de Partie
Coworth Park

Joined the company: September 2019

Working at Dorchester Collection means a lot to me because of the people in my department and other departments – we are almost like a family. My role is to look after all the hotel staff, so I always chat with them even about personal things. It’s like my home.

I help by treating everyone the same despite their culture, colour or origins, and by treating everyone with the same respect and manners.

Dorian Hottin

Pastry Apprentice
Le Meurice

Joined the company: September 2021

Working for Dorchester Collection is an opportunity for me to learn in a luxurious establishment that promotes French excellence. I have been part of the pastry team at Le Meurice for a year now and my progress continues to grow everyday.

Creativity, team spirit and self-improvement.

By showing respect to the hierarchy and all colleagues, regardless of their position in the team. Today I feel really integrated into the team because as a student I am not left out; I am not afraid to share my ideas with my team and I feel listened to.

If I could give one piece of advice to a future Dorchester Collection employee, I would tell them not to take their position for granted because there is always more to learn. I would also tell them to always be passionate because it is crucial for success.

Dorian Hottin
Olesya Merceron

Olesya Merceron

Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Joined the company: April 2012

Working at Dorchester Collection gives me a sense of belonging to the world of luxury and makes me feel like I am working in a big family.

Collaboration, respect and multiculturalism.

I am proud of my work as a chambermaid at Hôtel Plaza Athénée. When I talk about my work with my friends or my family, I always feel rewarded.

Trust yourself and do not hesitate to propose ideas, do not be afraid to express yourself. Dorchester Collection offers us the chance to grow, we just have to show our desire and be curious.

Giuseppe Giordano

Hotel Eden

Joined the company: March 2017

I feel proud to work for this extraordinary company.

Respect, dignity, attention to details.

Every day, I respect all the different cultures I work with. There are no differences within us.

Giuseppe Giordano
Alice Manzini

Alice Manzini

Guest Service & Guest Research Manager
Principe di Savoia

Joined the company: April 2018

It means being part of a reality with strong values in which I recognise myself, with all the challenges and satisfactions that this entails, a bit like a family!

Involvement, recognition and respect.

For me, it means finding a meeting point between people and operations; creating harmony by letting everyone express their personality and bringing an extra touch to our work every day.

Getting involved and always looking forward, knowing that opportunities can always be found in change.

Maria Chiara Sotgiu

Restaurant Maitre
Principe di Savoia

Joined the company: September 2015

It’s the opportunity to work for one of the greatest companies in the world and thanks to that, it’s possible to learn and share new things every day.

Common objectives, teamwork and inclusion.

Respect is the greatest value of all. As a leader, I have the duty to make everyone understand what it really means. In my opinion, the appearance is a sense of responsibility. To be able to act in every situation like the hotel is my own home, with the same dedication and care.

To learn every day what the other colleagues are eager to teach, because it’s a school, both for work and life.

Chiara Sotgiu
Laura Mendez

Laura Mendez

Cook 4
The Beverly Hills Hotel

Joined the company: January 2017

It means working for the best. I’m comfortable in knowing I am always provided with what I need.

Teamwork, respect and communication.

I like working with new team members, making them feel at home, and helping people get comfortable in their role. I train team members the best that I can so they can shine in their role. We are all a team and we can succeed together.

If you are looking to gain experience, this is the perfect place for you to work. All the tools and support you need will be provided for you.