From administration to housekeeping, there is a position for everyone


Belong to the legend

What better way to show you what working with us really means than by hearing stories straight from the heart of some of our colleagues across the collection. See what inspires them and how much they value our strong sense of community.

Portrait of Priya

Priya Puri

People Systems Lead
Corporate Office

Joined the company: October 2018

Here you’re not just a number; you’re a person who’s welcomed and valued. Dorchester Collection is the best company I’ve ever worked for, and you get to meet some truly amazing people who are always willing to guide you and help you grow to reach your full potential. I look forward to coming to work every day and the new opportunities it will bring.

As I work with systems, my role is very technical which can be a little difficult to understand. I’m always very patient with others and do my best to be approachable so others can come to me for help when needed. In my team we really support each other, whether we’re working independently or closely on a shared project.

Be curious and ask questions; new ideas are always welcome. You’ll be joining somewhere very special, so embrace the journey and enjoy it! I still remember my first day and felt like I was living a dream – and I still do.

Agnes Kvaale

Creative Design Manager
Corporate Office

Joined the company: February 2011

I started my Dorchester Collection journey just over 10 years ago now, and it’s been amazing to see how much the company has developed since those early days. I feel very loyal to this company and most of this is down to our amazing colleagues both here in the UK and globally. I had such a warm welcome from the start and this atmosphere has never really changed. I’m especially proud to have been part of the new branding project. It’s been such a learning experience for us all but the results achieved are truly creative and makes us stand out, not only in the hospitality world but in other sectors too.

Open-mindedness, collaboration, creativity

I believe the key to this is collaboration, patience and understanding that we all have different skills to bring to the table

Show initiative, approach everything with a can-do attitude and never be afraid to ask questions in order to learn!

Portrait of Agnes Kvaale
Portrait of Gavin Du Haney

Gavin Du-Haney

Area Director of IT
The Dorchester

Joined the company: June 2015

Being part of a world-renowned organisation whose guiding values make me feel valued.

By always trying to be respectful, honest and consistent in the way I treat my colleagues, Guests and suppliers

Enjoy the ride! The more you put in, the more you’ll get out

Charlotte Jolivet

Restaurant Manager
45 Park Lane

Joined the company: October 2020

I feel that it’s a real privilege to work in one of the most prestigious 5 star hotels in the world

By communicating and engaging with team members is the key to create a good relationship at work. I always try to make them feel valued and heard when employee gives their opinion

Be proud to be part of Dorchester family and have fun when you come to work.

Portrait of Charlotte Jolivet
Portrait of Gadio

Gadio Mouhadji

Le Meurice

Joined the company: August 2017

Exceptional and unique guest service for which I contribute

Respect DC’s code, standards of conduct and a good team spirit

Have an authentic personality and promote the DC culture

Hélène Dufosse

Engineering Assistant
Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Joined the company: April 2019

Excellence is the master piece in Hospitality

Respect our guest’s, employees and Managers in order to put our Hotel in the limelight

Our first mission : to welcome our guests with an optimal sense of service

Helene is ready with her tools, ladder and a huge smile
Portrait of Alessandra Lampugnani

Alessandra Lampugnani

Chef de partie
Principe di Savoia

Joined the company: October 2011

Lal Bentotage

Hotel Eden

Joined the company: April 2009

It gives you a lot of opportunities to meet people all over the world and have incredible experiences.

I perform assigned duties with sincerity and dedication. I love assisting and supporting colleagues to deliver their work.

To observe roles being played by their seniors closely and acquire much of their experience day by day.

Portrait of Lal Bentotage
Portrait of DeVentre MacMiller

DeVentre MacMiller

Pool server
Hotel Bel-Air

Joined the company: April 2021

Showing the guest that we are the best in the game and our motivation is what makes us number one.

Collaboration, Engagement, Innovation

I empower my coworkers by motivating them and having a positive attitude

Try to love what you do and everyone around you will feel the positive energy