Picture of a rail with fur coats at Palazzo Fendi in Rome


Shopping in Rome

If Milan is Italy’s Fashion Capital, then Rome is its Shopping Capital. Whether you’re after designer labels or traditional craftsmanship, the city is filled with excellent opportunities to expand your wardrobe. Learn how to dress like an Italian at the glamorous Via Condotti, pick up unique antiques at Via dei Coronari, and uncover the best boutiques in the city with this two-day shopping itinerary.

Day one

Start the day with a five-minute walk to Piazza Mignanelli.
T: +39 06 9451 5710 | Piazza di Spagna 38, 00187 Rome


The historic square of Piazza Mignanelli features the atelier headquarters of Valentino, one of the country’s leading Italian fashion houses. Gaze at the grand palazzo and imagine the fashion magic taking place inside, before visiting the grand Valentino boutique opposite on Piazza di Spagna to browse the latest collections on display.

Then, take a two-minute walk to the top of Via Condotti, next to Piazza di Spagna.

The the atelier headquarters of Valentino in Rome
Gucci and Bulgari shop windows in Via Condotti in Rome
00187 Rome

Via Condotti

Via Condotti is the most glamorous street in Rome. Nearly every address is a designer boutique, showcasing new collections straight off the catwalk. Many of Italy’s greatest fashion labels, such as Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, call this illustrious avenue home, sharing the road with international brands such as Burberry, Cartier and Montblanc.

Palazzo Fendi can be found at the bottom end of Via Condotti.

T: +39 06 3345 0890 | Largo Goldoni 420, 00187 Rome

Palazzo Fendi

If you’re a devotee of luxury Italian fashion house Fendi, make time to visit the refurbished Palazzo Fendi. The five-storey flagship store is housed in a stunning building and features ready-to-wear fashion for men and women. Award-winning Japanese eatery Zuma, on the palazzo’s fourth floor, is an excellent spot for those who wish to lunch in style.

Next, take a 15-minute walk to Via dei Coronari.

Detail shot of fur coats at Palazzo Fendi in Rome
Picture of antiques from Via dei Coronari shops in Rome
00186 Rome

Via dei Coronari

For antiques shopping in Rome, there’s nowhere better than Via dei Coronari. Follow the city’s well-heeled locals down this charming cobbled street to discover quaint stores displaying all kinds of antiques, from art and jewellery to books and interiors. Whether you’re seeking a unique piece of furniture for your home, a rare collectable or a historic artefact, you’ll find it here.

The final destination of the day is a 10-minute walk from here.

T: +39 06 5728 5994 | Via di Monserrato 35, 00186 Rome

Chez Dédé

Exuding French elegance with a touch of Italian flair, this stylish space is part-boutique and part-gallery. Founded by two of the city’s top creative directors in fashion, Daria Reina and Andrea Ferolla, the intriguing concept store brings together handcrafted items from around the world. From tote bags and cashmere shawls to objets d’art and tableware, there’s much to discover.

Hail a taxi and enjoy a 20-minute drive back to the hotel.

View of interiors of Peppino Capuano jewelry shop at Palazzo Caffarelli in Rome

Day two

Begin your day with a personal shopping experience. Agree a meeting point with your guide, Eleanora Attolico.
Picture of Eleonora Attolico, personal shopper and fashion journalist in Rome
T: +39 06 6872 312 | Meeting point to be arranged

Grand Tour Shopping with Eleanora Attolico

Why shop when someone else can do it for you? Taking the hassle out of shopping in Rome is Vogue Italia fashion journalist and personal shopping consultant Eleonora Attolico. Through her tailor-made Grand Tour shopping experience, she takes guests into the best boutiques, workshops and ateliers in the city, bringing her expert eye for style along, too.

At the end of the tour, make your way to Galleria Alberto Sordi.

T: +39 06 679 0109 | Galleria Alberto Sordi, 00199 Rome

La Rinascente

Galleria Alberto Sordi is a beautiful shopping arcade in the heart of Rome. At the centre of the arcade is La Rinascente, an eclectic department store offering upscale fashion, accessories and beauty products. A highlight for style-savvy visitors, the store brings a wealth of contemporary international brands and classic Italian designers together under one roof.

Next, take a 15-minute walk to Profumum Roma on Via di Ripetta.

Panoramic view of ladies wear department at La Rinascente in Rome
Close up picture of perfume bottles at perfume house Profumum Roma.
T: +39 06 320 0306 | Via di Ripetta 248, 00195 Rome

Profumum Roma

If you’re interested in selecting a new signature scent or picking up a special gift for a loved one back home, visit renowned luxury perfume house Profumum Roma. The boutique specialises in premium niche fragrances that are unique to the city. There are several varieties to sample, all of which come in a stylish signature bottle.

Then, take a 10-minute walk to Peppino Capuano.

T: +39 06 679 5996 | Via Condotti 61, 00187 Rome

Peppino Capuano

For high-end Roman jewellery, visit Peppino Capuano. One of the most exclusive names in the business, the boutique at Palazzo Caffarelli is famed for its exclusive, handcrafted jewellery pieces. Browse the latest collections and discover why the brand has been beloved by stars such as Brigitte Bardot since opening in 1960.

The final stop is a 10-minute walk or drive from Palazzo Caffarelli.

View of interiors of Peppino Capuano jewelry shop at Palazzo Caffarelli in Rome
Detail shot of a sartorial suit from Sartoria Ripense in Rome
T: +39 06 323 3727 | Via di Ripetta 38, 00186 Rome

Sartoria Ripense

For the ultimate Roman makeover, invest in a bespoke Italian suit. Sartoria Ripense, owned by tailor Andrea Luparelli, is one of the city’s best tailoring houses. A favourite of the local fashion set, the workshop is equally adept at crafting classic three-piece suits as it is custom creations – available in a rainbow of colours and materials, tailored to each customer’s size and taste.

To get back to the hotel, it’s a 10-minute drive or a 20-minute walk.

All journey times are approximate and subject to variation.


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