Exterior front drive sunset crescent at The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills running guide

Here’s a running route for guests staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Running map of Beverly Hills

2-mile route (3.2km)

Directions: Exit the hotel and head down the front driveway, cross Sunset Boulevard and run down to Rodeo Drive. Make a left on Rodeo Drive to the green space along Santa Monica Boulevard. Take a left to North Crescent Drive, then left again on Crescent and back to the hotel.

Notes: There are sidewalks the whole way and the blocks going up and down to Santa Monica are long, so you only cross three small residential streets. There is a dirt/old granite path along Santa Monica and only a slight gradient going up or down.


While Runyon Canyon has some beautiful views, the other routes will take you past a variety of landmarks, including:

Million dollar properties – Running around Beverly Hills, you will see many homes of the rich and famous. The properties in this area can cost anything from $3m up to $8m to buy.
Beverly Gardens Park – Featuring the famous Beverly Hills sign, this park has many notable art sculptures as well as the Cactus Garden, Rose Garden, the Doheny Fountain and the Wilshire Electric Fountain.
Running tips
Make sure you have the right kit to wear and thoroughly warm up before setting off on your run. It’s important to check that your trainers fit well and your clothing is comfortable and breathable – you don’t want it to be stuck to you or chaffing halfway around your run.
Try not to eat anything for a couple of hours before going on a run, but make sure that whatever you do eat beforehand is balanced and nutritional – something that will give you energy. After your run, eat some protein within an hour of completing your session.
Take a map or GPS with you if you’re not familiar with the area you’re running in. We have put this guide together to give you the best route possible to have a fun and enjoyable run, but the last thing you want is to get lost on the way.
Once you’ve finished your run, make sure you stretch out and cool off. Stretching is more effective when your muscles are warm and flexible. Hold each stretch for around 30 seconds in order to get the maximum benefit for your body.

LA running etiquette

Run against traffic and stay on the left side of the road
Never run more than two abreast if running in a group
When overtaking another runner, be sure to give them a heads-up first
Take your trash home and respect private property

Fitness centre

While the weather in LA is often glorious, we know we can’t prevent the rain. If you have your heart set on running but it’s cold and wet outside, then why not head down to The Beverly Hills Hotel fitness centre. Located on the promenade level, guests can use all the state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment to ensure they have a balanced and enjoyable workout session.

The fitness centre also has complimentary fruit, bottled water, towels and an array of magazines. Personal trainers and yoga sessions are available on request.