A tailor wokring in the shop Milan


Artisan Milan

As the Italian fashion capital, it’s not surprising that Milan is also a destination for artisan craftsmanship. Its avenues are filled with traditional Italian tailors, some of which have been operating for generations, while even the modern brands offer the local shopper a more exclusive, bespoke experience. Visit the workshops and boutiques of the best artisans in Milan with this two-day itinerary.

Day one

Start the day with a 10-minute drive to Sartoria A. Caraceni.
T: +39 02 655 1972 | Via Fatebenefratelli 16, 20121 Milan

Sartoria A. Caraceni

Caraceni is a traditional Italian tailor run by the Caraceni family (now in its fourth generation). The award-winning boutique and workshop, best known for its elegant double-breasted jacket, is dedicated to quality traditional craftsmanship. Suits are made-to-measure using the best Italian and English fabrics available.

Then, take a 10-minute walk or drive to Bally.

A tailor wokring in the shop Milan
A tailor wokring in the shop Milan
T: +39 02 7600 8406 | Bally, Via Monte Napoleone 8, 20121 Milan

Zagliani Atelier for Bally

Zagliani is one of the finest leather ateliers in Milan, renowned for their incredibly soft leather handcrafted bags. The workshop was taken over by Bally fashion house in 2015 and is now devoted to the Made to Order service at Bally, where customers can work with experts to design bespoke handbags from a choice of luxurious leathers and exotic skins.

Next, it’s a 15-minute drive to Pino Grasso.

T: +39 02 5412 3049 | Via Simone D'Orsenigo 25, 20135 Milan

Pino Grasso Ricami

Pino Grasso Ricami is an embroidery workshop run by Milanese artisan Pino Grasso and his daughter, Raffaella. Preserving the traditional art of embroidery, the atelier employs some of the best craftspeople around to design and create beautiful items for its clients. Grasso also runs a school, Scuola di Ricamo Pino Grasso, to develop the skills of aspiring embroiderers.

The next destination is a 10-minute drive from here.

Threads and scissors
Details of inside opened red umbrella
T: +39 02 5521 9333 | Via Ripamonti 194, 20141 Milan

Ombrelli Maglia

Ombrelli Maglia has been crafting handmade umbrellas for more than 150 years. Using fine materials including lace, leather and natural wood, the family-run workshop (currently under the management of fifth generation family member, Francesco Naglia) offers a beautiful selection of classic, vintage, sports and automatic style umbrellas for men and women. It also has a bespoke service for those seeking something truly unique.

The final stop of the day can be reached with a 15-minute drive.


T: +39 02 8489 2829 | Via Nicola Palmieri 25, 20141 Milan

Cicli Drali Milano

Cicli Drali Milano, the shop and workshop of 89-year-old Giuseppe Drali, is the place to go for bicycles in Milan. Drali has been building and reconstructing bikes for decades, after taking over the business from his father. The artisan specialises in racing models, but offers innovative city bicycles too. Visit to discover the craft of bike building or pick up one of your own.

To return to the hotel, it’s a 25-minute drive.

Cyclist reparing his bicycle with tool

Day two

Begin the second day of the itinerary with a 10-minute drive to Hodeidah.
Member of staff at Hodeidah working with coffee machine
T: +39 02 342 472 | Via Piero della Francesca 8, 20154 Milan


Hodeidah is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Milan. Set up in 1946, the shop specialises in home-roasted blends using beans from plantations in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Jamaica Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak in Indonesia. Visit to browse its expansive collection (that also extends into tea, chocolate, jam and biscuits) or try before you buy in the café.

It is a 10-minute drive to the next destination.

T: +39 02 463 424 | Via Francesco Petrarca 8, 20123 Milan

Stivaleria Savoia

The shoes made at Stivaleria Savoia aren’t just renowned in Milan, but around the world. Each bespoke pair is a wearable work of art, handmade and built to last, taking over 50 hours to make from scratch. Eminent clients include Einaudi, the King of Morocco and the Irish Guinness family. Customers are invited to watch their shoes being made in the workshop by expert artisans.

Next, take a 10-minute walk or a five-minute drive to Pasticceria Biffi.


A man reparing shoe at Stivaleria Savoia
Pasticceria Biffi CREDIT iStock etorres69
T: +39 02 4800 6702 | Corso Magenta 87, 20123 Milan

Pasticceria Biffi

A historical bakery that’s been a mainstay among Milan’s patisseries since the mid-19th century, Pasticceria Biffi has made cakes and pastries for an impressive array of clients, including a Pope. Specialising in Panettone and other traditional Milanese recipes, the café is an excellent place to enjoy a sweet treat during a day of sightseeing.

Follow this with a 10-minute drive to the penultimate stop.

T: +39 02 8646 4642 | Via Brera 4, 20121 Milan


One of Milan’s primary stationery specialists since 1881, Pettinaroli offers a beautiful array of books and diaries, luxury typography and vintage prints. Whether you desire a handcrafted notebook, photo album, or a unique gift for a loved one, there’s plenty to discover at this Milanese boutique.

Then, take a short five-minute drive or walk to Bottega Ghianda.

Photograph of a woolen ball and books covered in leather
Wood working at Bottega Ghianda CREDIT iStock
T: +39 02 8720 1362 | Via Formentini 9, 20121 Milan

Bottega Ghianda

Established in 1889, Bottega Ghianda specialises in fine wood furniture and displays its products as though in an art gallery. Items are designed by some of the best artisans around, and made by local craftspeople in a workshop just outside of the city.

The hotel can be reached with a 15-minute drive or a 20-minute walk.

All journey times are approximate and subject to variation.


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