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Host the ultimate London dinner party

July 22, 2021

Do you want your next dinner party at home to stand out as one of those memorable summer evenings your guests will treasure? Here to help is Chris Fairless, our head of events at The Dorchester.

Save the date

Choose your date carefully and try to give people plenty of notice, avoiding any national holidays as your guests are likely to already have made plans.

Leading role

Ask guests a part to play in the event so everyone feels involved. For example, invite someone to serve the drinks while someone else takes charge of the music and lighting.

Portrait of Chris Fairless, Event Manager at The Dorchester
A close up of white roses for a wedding on a table at The Dorchester

Ice effects

Experiment with different shaped ice cube moulds and add your favourite aromatic herbs to create eye-catching ice cubes. Alternatively, be adventurous and order an ice-block for wonderfully chiselled ‘mini icebergs’ floating in your cocktails.

Floral touch

Present your napkins wrapped with a ribbon and tie in a sprig of fresh lavender or rosemary for a splash of colour and a delightful scent.

Let the music play

Music is an easy way to create a great atmosphere, be it a relaxed vibe or more of a party feel you’re after. Make life easy on the day by preparing a playlist in advance or opt for a streaming service with readymade recommendations.

Have a plan B

You want to enjoy your dinner party come rain or shine, so while it’s wonderful to sit outside on hot summer’s day or balmy evening it’s always good to have a back-up plan like a gazebo or somewhere to sit indoors.

Coworth Park waiter pouring champagne in glass on dinner table
Outdoor dining setup at Coworth Park

Lights and lanterns

Lights and colourful paper lanterns are simple yet effective ways to decorate your setting. Try wrapping string lights around a tree and adding tea lights to your table. Another great idea is to have a line of lights along a path showing your guests the way.

Summer essentials

To put everyone at their ease, keep some summer essentials to hand in a shady spot such as hand sanitiser, sunscreen, bug spray, hand wipes and blankets.

We hope our summer dinner party guide inspires you to make the most of your summer and my team and I are always happy to help plan a bespoke event for you at The Dorchester.

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