Belong to the Legend

Experience fascinating insights into diverse ways of life through our Belong to the Legend series. 

In true Dorchester Collection style, meet a collection of inspiring people with very different lives and interests, who share a vision to be curious, lean into challenges, and are bold and passionate in their relentless pursuit to making a positive, lasting impact on the world.

Barbara Hulanicki, fashion revolutionary

In the first of our Belong to the Legend series, discover how Biba’s visionary founder Barbara Hulanicki changed the course of fashion.


Barbara Hulanicki

When Biba exploded onto the London scene in the Swinging Sixties, young women finally had the colourful, daring clothes they'd been craving. Delve deeper into how Barbara Hulanicki became a fashion trailblazer.

From a pioneering female pilot unafraid of breaking boundaries to a celebrated opera singer who captures our deepest emotions, or the ground-breaking photojournalist famed for highlighting the plight of others through the power of his lens – we invite you to explore their remarkable stories.