View from inside looking out of lush cabana

Cabana chic secrets with Gray Malin

July 11, 2020

Gray Malin, fine art photographer and New York Times bestselling author, has recently redesigned The Beverly Hills Hotel’s Cabana One for a fun poolside experience. Here are his top tips to bring classic cabana chic to your own home or outdoor space.
View across the pool of row of cabanas and palm tree

Be bold

If you really want to make a statement, how about choosing the official The Martinique® banana leaf wallpaper. Originally created in 1942 by heritage Southern California textile brand CW Stockwell, this print was selected by famed designer Don Loper in 1949, to adorn the walls of The Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s easily the most recognisable wallpaper in the world and what’s more it’s timeless, so you don’t have to worry about it going out of style.

Finding furniture

The beautiful furniture I’ve used to adorn Cabana One is from Serena & Lily. They have such a delightful range to choose from, which makes it easy to transform you own backyard or garden into a relaxing retreat. Combine rattan and basket weave textures with handwoven rugs and an inviting sectional sofa, to really elevate the design and add supreme comfort. My favourite statement piece is their Capistrano Outdoor Hanging Chair & Stand – the perfect place to relax and sip your morning coffee.

Gray Malin Serena and Lily Beverly Hills Hotel Cabana
Deck chairs in front of the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Vintage flair

Whether it’s colourful vintage props or an eye-catching umbrella, complete the look with a few fun pieces that will add a bit of Hollywood glamour to your space. This is something you can really go to town with and show off your own individual sense of style. It’s also these little details you can easily change when you want to update the look.

Inspired art

Dress up your walls with a few striking photos to give a real focal point. For the cabana, I carefully selected some of own fine art photography taken at The Beverly Hills Hotel, which celebrate the heritage of the property, its charming grounds and Tinseltown history, while incorporating a modern-day style. Scenes of beautiful people in vintage clothes and props from the glamorous 1950s and 1960s capture the jet-set lifestyle and luxury of LA’s Golden Age.

Gray Malin cabana at BHH
Photograph of the pink and green decoration, with two coconuts with straws in the foreground at the Beverly Hills Hotel

A toast to summer

To really impress your guests with your new space, serve a themed cocktail as part of the experience. The Beverly Hills Hotel’s own ‘Co-Co Cabana’ cocktail would be the perfect choice. It’s easily made by mixing rum with a little coconut syrup, coconut water and lemon juice then served in a fresh coconut. Cheers!

To discover the inspiration behind the new Cabana One, come to The Beverly Hills Hotel and see it for yourself. Hotel guests can reserve a cabana or simply relax poolside with a delicious cocktail. Here’s to summer in style!

All images are courtesy of Gray Malin

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