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Gray Malin’s Dogs at The Beverly Hills Hotel

September 28, 2020

We’ve teamed up again with photographer Gray Malin, for a photo shoot with a difference. Let him welcome you to a fantasy world, filled with pink poodles and pampered pugs enjoying five-star luxury and having the time of their lives.
The photograph Gray Malin holding the paw of a dog, on the red carpet of the Beverly Hills Hotel

Meet Gray Malin

I was delighted to return to The Beverly Hills Hotel to carry out my latest fine art photography series. Captured in the iconic grounds of the hotel, this series embraces timeless glamour with a playful twist. We worked with over 20 different dog breeds, sporting customised costumes and vintage accessories. It was such a fun photo shoot with plenty of laughs along the way, though quite a challenge too. Come on a behind-the-scenes tour with me as I share some of my highlights.

The pink poodle

This is one of my favourite shots because it captures everything I wanted to accomplish in this series. It highlights the iconic red carpet entrance of the hotel and incorporates stylish accessories, such as the classic luggage and vintage Hermes scarf. The pristine pink car we found was perfect; it was very small so it didn’t overpower the poodle. I hope you agree that it’s really joyful image.

Photograph by Gray Malin of a dog in a vintage pink car in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel
Gray Malin photographs dogs at the pool

Pool day

This group shot features so many beloved dog breeds and was hilarious to shoot. The dogs loved the water and seeing them lounging around the pool like hotel guests was adorable. Initially, we didn’t plan on having the pug on the raft. When we were casting the dogs though, one of the photos submitted showed him riding a surfboard so we knew we had to take advantage of his expertise and it worked like a dream.

The concierge

I love this shot because it’s one of the few that portrays a dog as a member of the hotel team. As we shot on a day when there were guests at the hotel, it was wonderful to see their reactions as we posed one of the dogs at the front desk – let’s face it, this isn’t a sight you see every day! The costume was custom-made to match the concierge uniform including the actual lapel pins they wear. Anyone for check-in?

Gray Malin dog behind front desk
Pampered dog in chair with banana leaf background

The doodle

I have no doubt that this shot will be wildly popular amongst doodle and dog lovers alike.  This particular pooch hasn’t been formally trained but she had just the look we wanted and turned out to be a real star!  We had the headpiece made to match the colour of her fur and posed her in front of the iconic banana leaf wallpaper the hotel is known for. It’s certainly a striking look.

Joy ride

This car was so special that we knew we needed to highlight it, especially because the pale pink matched the hotel colour so well. Styling the glasses on the dogs was fun since they were all real sunglasses designed for people rather than dogs. However, our ‘Pink Palace’ pooches weren’t phased one bit, in fact that seemed to enjoy the attention.

Dogs on the front drive under hotel sign

These prints really make me smile and I hope they bring you joy too. To see the other limited-edition prints in the series, take a look at
The Beverly Hills Hotel Signature Shop or go to

All images are courtesy of Gray Malin

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