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A new look at The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

March 02, 2021

Esteemed interior designer Alexandra Champalimaud talks us through the new look she has created at The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa and explains why it’s more enticing than ever.

Newly relaunched

After seven months of extensive refurbishment and redesign, the spa now has a completely refreshed interior. The new design of the iconic spa evokes a wonderful sense of serenity, while retaining the playful attitude and chic sensibility that is The Beverly Hills Hotel. Hear from the designer herself what makes it such a special place to be.

Spa designer Alexandra Champalimaud portrait
Courtesy of Alexandra Champalimaud
White spa reception at Beverly Hills Hotel

What are the most notable changes?

We have moved the reception from the promenade into the spa to give guests a more private experience and used the space in the promenade to display luxury spa products. The four treatment rooms and couple’s suite have been completely restyled and there’s a brand new nail suite, including two pedicure chairs and a manicure area, which are filled with natural daylight from the citrus garden. There’s also a lovely new relaxation room to enjoy.

What excited you most about the spa redesign?

The most exciting part of the redesign is the fact that we have brought to life an incredibly beautiful space on both sides of the entrance to the garden and swimming pool area. This space has plenty of personality and now we’re really making the most of its exceptional location.

View of window from citrus garden
Spa hallway décor and wallpaper detail

Where did you find your design inspiration?

I’ve travelled the world and lived a very interesting life in many extraordinary places. I’ve found the greatest inspiration for any design though is always discovered in the very place and roots of the property itself. With The Beverly Hills Hotel, its personality, history and dynamic details provided an abundance of inspiration. Not only the banana leaf, but the playful shape of the mouldings and the charming curve of the walls. There’s a real sense of romance to the hotel and I believe the new design really reflects that.

What do you think guests will appreciate most about the new look?

Its fresh, young and very chic design.

What’s your favourite design element in the newly renovated spa?

The inviting corner seating in the new relaxation lounge because it’s one of the most radical changes that we’ve made. I like to think that anyone sitting here will feel like they are having a movie star moment with a real sense of ‘wow’.

Corner sofa in spa with champagne toast set up
Duet Suite with custom blue walls, natural light and two plush beds

Having renovated the iconic bungalows recently, how did this project differ for you?

We were able to create a new personality for spa, whereas the bungalows are more reminiscent of people’s lifestyle and their incredible history.

How do you approach design differently for a spa environment?

They are simply different spaces so require different criteria and thought around how the space will be used by guests.

Nail Suite with two plush chairs and arched window

To see and experience our glorious new spa, book one of our many delightful treatments at The Beverly Hills Spa.
We look forward to welcoming you to a world of bliss.

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