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Franciacorta: land of wines

April 20, 2022

Less than an hour’s car ride from Milan, in the gentle hills of Lombardy, lies the world-renowned wine region of Franciacorta. Discover the origins and wines of this beautiful area of Italian countryside.
Franciacorta territory overview

A unique territory

Located in the heart of Lombardy, Franciacorta is a district in the Brescia province overlooking Lake Iseo. What makes this territory so special is a mix of naturally fertile land, combined with comprehensive winemaking know-how handed down through the generations.

Perfect conditions

Franciacorta is a place where winemaking culture dates back to the Lombard period (8th century AD) – and it’s certainly no accident that these hills were chosen to produce wines. A unique combination of morainic soil, fresh breezes and a mild lakeside microclimate create perfect conditions for growing vines. Franciacorta quickly gained renown, and in 1995 the region was made a DOCG (Denomination of Origin), testimonial to its winemakers’ continuing commitment to further improve the quality of Franciacorta wines.

Vine detail
Ca' del Bosco winery

Wine-making model

The quality of each wine is ensured by the ‘Franciacorta method’, an ancient art that combines the latest technology with the skills of local winemakers. All Franciacorta DOCG wines are made using the metodo classic, known as the ‘method champenoise’. It’s the same process used to make champagne, in which the wine goes through an initial fermentation like still wine, and is then bottled and left to rest on the lees, a yeast that causes a second, in-bottle fermentation, leading to all those famous bubbles. Different Franciacorta wines mature for different lengths of time, including up to 60 months for the Riserva.

Iconic Ca’ del Bosco

Ca’ del Bosco is an iconic, state-of-the-art Franciacorta winery in picturesque Erbusco. Its fairytale history began in the mid-1960s, when Annamaria Clementi Zanella bought a little house on a hill and started a vineyard. Her son, Maurizio Zanella, was determined to create premium sparkling in Italy on this fertile land. He is now Ca’ del Bosco’s president, and inspired by the caves of Champagne has created a world-renowned, trailblazing winery.

View of Cà del Bosco winery
Maurizio Zanella portrait

Exceptional artistry

Ca’ del Bosco winery is a place where art and wine blend in perfect harmony. Maurizio Zanella’s passion for sculpture is aided by the setting, whose marvellous landscape is well suited to the placement of artworks. As a result, over the years Ca’ del Bosco has become a place open to visitors with an appetite for both art and wine.

Making an impression

Unforgettable pieces of art are scattered all around the property. On arrival you’ll be welcomed by ‘Cancello Solare’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro at the gates, before spotting the ‘Blue Guardians’ wolf sculptures on the roof of the winery. Next, you’ll discover the marble ‘Eroi di Luce’ by Igor Mitoraj and the ‘Peso del Tempo Sospeso’, a suspended rhino sculpture in the vinification room. A world of artistic discovery awaits.

Ca' del Bosco_Eroi di Luce

Just a short drive from Milan, this beautiful wine region makes the perfect day trip from Hotel Principe di Savoia. Ask our concierge team about a wine tasting experience with the chef de cave at the Ca’ del Bosco winery.

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