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Sleep easy with Mühldorfer

March 11, 2020

For five generations, the Mühldorfer family has shared a passion for helping others enjoy delightfully restorative sleep. As they celebrate their 100th anniversary, they share a few wonderful ways to get a great night’s rest.
Muhldorfer family photo

Keep it in the family

At Mühldorfer we’ve been creating the finest quality duvets and pillows for nearly 100 years. Five generations of our family have dedicated their lives to helping others sleep well. We couldn’t be more proud when we receive enthusiastic praise from customers telling us what a difference we’ve made to them. We’re also particularly proud to have been supplying duvets and pillows for The Dorchester for over ten years.

The power of sleep

As we all know, when you’ve slept well your whole day feels better. Likewise, when you don’t sleep soundly everything seems out of sync. We always say that we’re in the business of selling sleep rather than duvets and pillows, as this is what we’re really appreciated for. Even after 100 years we still test our products constantly, as we’re adamant that we wouldn’t ask anyone to use something that we wouldn’t personally choose for ourselves.

London The Dorchester Park Suite up close bed and linens with pillows
Women working in linen factory, with environment in mind

Kind to the environment

 Our award-winning bedding is made in the picturesque village of Haidmühle, in the Bavarian Forest national park. This scenic location is the key to our success; the pure, calcium-free mountain spring water offers an effective and natural way to clean our goose and duck down without the use of detergent. This is how our founder, Sidonie Mühldorfer, worked back in 1919 and how we still work today.

All about quality

All the feathers and down we use are washed and dried three times to ensure they’re 100% dust and germ-free. This natural purity and anti-allergy guarantee, combined with being easy to care for at home, makes us very popular with our customers. The high quality filling we select is so soft it naturally forms an even layer in our duvets and pillows without any clumping, which helps to regulate your temperature and ensure you sleep soundly.

Vintage photo of women working with linen at Muhldorfer
The Dorchester Oliver Messel Suite with yellow bed frame and colorful wall decor

Following nature

The reason our duvets are so good at keeping your body at the right temperature is by mimicking what happens in nature. If you look at how birds take care of their eggs you’ll notice they protect them with their own feathers. In the same way our duvets keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, helping establish a healthy sleeping pattern. This also means you don’t need separate summer and winter duvets.

Individual requirements

We work with many hotels all around the world and each one has something different to specifically suit their own individual requirements. For example, having worked with The Dorchester for so long we know exactly what their guests like. At Mühldorfer, we think of ourselves as the conductor of an orchestra, concentrating on all the different elements working together so the audience can just relax and enjoy the full effect.

The Dorchester Suite bed with bay window and stencil wallpaper
Staff posing with pillows and filling

Making a difference

We get numerous emails from people every day who are either direct customers or have tried our pillows and duvets in a hotel. It’s wonderful to hear their stories about how we’ve improved their sleep; it’s what drives us to keep doing what we’re doing. When someone has tried us at a hotel and wants Mühldorfer products in their home, that’s the ultimate praise.

This story is part of our Sleep Well series.
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