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Wellbeing at home

March 27, 2020

For a wonderful sense of wellbeing at home, our designer florist Phil Hammond and spa director Sally Pedder have teamed up to share their ideas for brightening up the indoors and finding ways to relax.


Phil Hammond, our designer florist, is a firm believer in living a balanced life, which means taking a little time for self-care. He says, “I’m a big fan of the calming powers of botanical oils and love the ritual of lighting my beloved jasmine candle at the end of the day.” Our spa director Sally Pedder takes a similar approach, saying, “Wellbeing describes the perfect balance of mind and body. By identifying easy ways to safeguard our wellbeing we can lead more fulfilling, healthy and happy lives.”

The Dorchester's resident florist Phil Hammond
The Dorchester floral attendant with lillies

Bringing the outdoors in

Beautiful blooms around your home never fail to lift the spirits and brighten a room. “Peace lilies are great plants to have in your bedroom as they cleanse the air,” explains Phil. “They produce lots of oxygen, which aids a restorative night’s sleep. Their beauty creates happiness too, making them a great addition to any home.” He’s also a big fan of fresh herbs in the kitchen as they’re easy to grow, release wonderful aromas and offer more health benefits than dried herbs.

Caring for plants

Keeping houseplants alive can be a challenge in itself, so we asked Phil for his expert advice: “Give them a good water, cut any dead or discoloured leaves off and wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth to make sure they can breathe properly.”

Grow your own

For more of a challenge, Phil suggests growing your own plants from seed. He says, “Now is a great time to start sowing seeds, even if only on a small balcony or outside space – sweet peas are always a winner.” When choosing something to grow, he suggests picking something you have a close connection with.

In times of worry I always turn to flowers that remind me of my childhood. There’s nothing like a bunch of bright yellow daffodils to put a smile on your face.
Bath infusion station lobby garden at The Dorchester London
The Dorchester bath infusion with ribbon

The perfect blend

Of all the fragrant essential oils Sally works with at the spa, she has one particular favourite, a comforting blend of rose, lavender and peppermint. She enthuses, “This glorious combination smells amazing and helps to soothe any skin irritations, relieve tension and improve energy levels – it’s a really great all-rounder.”

Moment of calm

There’s nothing quite like a long bath at the end of the day. Sally says, “Bath infusions are a great way to relax, and you always feel wonderful afterwards. Simply add to your bath water to release all those wonderful aromas.”

With our expert tips for creating a calm, relaxing indoor environment, we hope you discover your own sense of wellbeing at home.

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