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Le Meurice and Paris

Synonymous with style, romance, excitement and luxury – Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. We’re on hand to guide you through this enchanting world of glamour and culture that seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern. From the chic rue de Rivoli to the iconic Eiffel Tower via the stunning river Seine and the Tuileries garden, you will discover some of the world’s finest views, cuisine, museums, theatres and luxury shopping.

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#DCmoments Paris Shopping Guide

“Parisian” is virtually a synonym for “stylish” – so it’s no surprise that our Paris shopping guide is filled with fashion, beauty and homeware boutiques. Discover your own version of Gallic chic as we guide you through the best spots.

#DCmoments Paris Guide

When it comes to Paris, there’s always something new to discover. We asked content creator Polina Burashnikova for her favourite parts of the city, which range from the photogenic ivy-covered cafés of Montmartre, to the best streets for taking snaps of the Eiffel Tower.
Eiffel Tower in Paris
In-room dining at Le Meurice Paris

#DCmoments Paris Food Guide

Let us guide you around the city for a very special kind of tour, one which shows you where to eat, what to eat, and why Paris is one of the most famous the food destinations in the world.

Le Meurice

Let us guide you day-by-day through the City of Light, with our favourite ways to spend a city break in Paris.
Plulic garden in Paris France
Running guide at Le Meurice, Paris
Jogging route

Fitness and sightseeing in one

Run through the heart of this beautiful city with its stunning iconic monuments peppered along the banks of the picturesque river Seine. Running routes don’t get much more scenic than this, especially as the area surrounding the Pont de Sully and Pont d’Iena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Fitness and wellbeing points of interest on a map