Table at Il Giardino Ristorante set with colourful tableware and centerpiece with lemons for Paolino Capri pop-up at Hotel Eden, Rome


Il Giardino Ristorante

A sun-bathed rooftop restaurant that feels like an Italian holiday from everyday life. Get in full summer mode as we host Capri’s iconic Paolino restaurant.

Il Giardino Ristorante
Hotel Eden, Via Ludovisi 49, 00187 Rome
+39 06 4781 2761
Grilled octopus with chicory heart salad served at Il Giardino Ristorante on Paolino Capri tableware

The simple pleasures

The delicate scent of lemons, the traditional flavours of the Mediterranean, the colourful tableware. It’s easy to picture yourself living the sweet life while you enjoy a plate of Caprese delicacies – such as ravioli with lemon sauce, seafood fresh from the ocean, or grilled mozzarella with lemon leaves – and the astonishing view.

A delight for the senses

Il Giardino Ristorante offers the best of Italy in one place. Until May 15, we join forces with Paolino Capri to let you experience authentic Italian warmth and cuisine in sun-kissed island style.
Hand grabbing a drink with Rome sunset view on background
View of St Peters from Hotel Eden in Rome

A beautiful history

From our wonderful location on the Pincian Hill, Rome awaits your gaze. Il Giardino’s huge windows provide a mesmerising horizon stretching from the dramatic Il Vittoriano and the majesty of St Peters to the grand Villa Medici and stately Borghese gardens. But this view is so much more than a roll-call of history. This view proudly introduces a seductive, lively city. This is Rome; full of life.

Opening hours


Open daily 7am - 11am

All day dining

Open daily 11am - 10.15pm

Last reservation 10.30pm

Sunday Lunch

La Domenica italiana

In Italy, Sunday is dedicated to family and friends. It’s a day of conversation, laughter, and – of course – traditional food. So each Sunday, we pay homage to the country’s rich culinary tradition with ‘La Domenica Italiana’. You’ll be taken on a journey through flavour to Campania and Capri, enjoying a delicious selection of the region’s wines and dishes, then finishing with a cake and pastry buffet that’s the perfect ending to a joyous meal.

12.30 – 2.30pm, every Sunday until May 28, 2023

€85 per person including coffee
€125 per person including wine pairings and coffee
Children’s menus available


Check availability and book a table online.

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Hotel Eden
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