Chefs' Profile

Henry Brosi
Appointed executive chef to run The Dorchester’s kitchens in December 1999, Henry Brosi was awarded the prestigious Hotel Chef of the Year at Caterer and Hotelkeeper’s annual awards ceremony just eight years later in 2007.  

Brosi oversees a brigade of over 100 chefs and is in charge of the hotel’s six kitchens, including The Grill, The Promenade, The Bar at The Dorchester, the Banqueting kitchens, in-room dining and the new Spatisserie at The Dorchester Spa.  He also personally creates bespoke menus for guests in The Krug Room, London’s original chef’s table first opened in the 1940’s by Jean Baptiste Virlogeux. 

Jocelyn Herland
Born in Auvergne, France, Jocelyn Herland, has worked with Alain Ducasse in Paris for several years. From 1997-2000, he was chef de partie at Restaurant Alain Ducasse at 59 Avenue Poincarré (three Michelin-stars). He then moved as chef de partie to the Restaurant Opéra (One Michelin-star) at the Hotel Inter-Continental in Paris, and as sous chef to the Royal Monceau Hotel. In December 2003, when Alain Ducasse introduced new head chef Christophe Moret to Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée in Paris, Jocelyn joined him as sous chef, progressing to his most recent post as Chef Adjoint (deputy).

Jocelyn interprets Alain Ducasse’s cuisine in London in a contemporary and refined way. In keeping with Alain Ducasse’s philosophy, the ingredients are the key elements. Jocelyn Herland only uses the freshest and most seasonal products, strictly sourced for their quality and provenance.