Reflecting the glory of nature

Art at The Dorchester

The Dorchester has long been a treasured British landmark, forever evolving along with the city around it. Forever celebrating the very finest of our rich cultural treasures. To celebrate the hotel’s prized position and lasting impact on the city and its visitors, The Dorchester’s extensive art collection is an exuberant adventure through the very British artistic tradition of landscapes.

Curated by Visto and exclusively featuring works by artists working in Britain. 

The fascinating techniques on display welcome the gaze with intrigue and surprise, igniting conversations that wonder at the beauty around us, ever-changing and always resplendent.

A thoroughly modern tradition

Born in the 18th century and still being explored to this day, the landscape genre has brought countless travellers to England to witness its colourful, picturesque riches and the glorious abundance of our natural diversity.

Diverse techniques

Numerous artists

Endless creativity

Exceptional talent
Christian Furr
London landscape
Sophie Coryndon


A walk through time

The art adorning The Promenade takes you on a stroll through a boldly curated British landscape. Featuring exclusive pieces by artists working in Britain, the varied mix of captivating painting, photography and collage techniques showcase the beauty around us.

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The Dorchester, 53 Park Lane, London W1K 1QA

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