Coffee for those who know coffee

Parcafé at The Dorchester

Serving artisanal coffee and homemade delights, this is our very own coffee shop, overlooking Hyde Park. A new space, the same wonderful standards.
At a glance
Quite simply a celebration of great food and drink.
A quick bite

Alongside artisanal coffee we also offer sandwiches, salads, fruit, a selection of homemade cookies, cupcakes, pastries and fudge, all presented in our bespoke wrapping.

Exquisite coffee

Seasonal menu

Park Lane entrance

The source
The service


Difference Coffee Company

We’re proud to make our coffee with Difference Coffee Company, which sources the finest quality beans from single estates around the world, including Panama, Jamaica, Brazil and Guatemala, bringing exquisite aromas and flavours to every cup.


Memories and mementos

Some moments are simply better when shared. Our gifts range from beautiful bouquets to unforgettable dining experiences.