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What to expect from your visit

We want your experience at The Spa at Coworth Park to be a wonderful one, a time when you can completely relax, unwind and forget the outside world. To give you peace of mind, we’re pleased to share some of the changes you can expect when you arrive.


More than just a lovely indulgence and an unexpected snooze, professional facials can improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Facial Workshop

A one to one 30 minute facial workshop with an experienced spa therapist. You will be guided on how to apply products most suitable for your skin, following a cleansing routine, exfoliation and mask application, finishing with the appropriate moisturiser to leave your skin rejuvenated and nourished. (£10 redeemable against any skincare products purchased on the day).

Choose to upgrade to 60 minutes by finishing with our Gentle waves from the LED mask then stimulate cell activity to boost collagen and elastin production, leaving skin energised, balanced and renewed.

Price: £35 / £70 Mon-Thurs - £45 / £80 Fri-Sun   Duration: 30 minutes / 60 minutesCall to book

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Facial

This luxurious facial harnesses the regenerative properties of rose and frankincense to nourish, soften and hydrate all skin types, especially dry, delicate and finely textured complexions. This treatment helps to boost your circulation and promote cell renewal, leaving your skin radiant.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs - £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

ishga Organic Rejuvenating Facial

A rejuvenating facial designed to revitalise and repair. Thanks to a high concentration of natural seaweed, which is proven to preserve skin’s collagen, this treatment is perfect for toning, firming and nourishing the skin, while protecting it from environmental damage. Suitable for all skin types.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs - £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Carol Joy Anti Ageing Collagen Facial

This lifting, repairing and firming treatment includes a deep-conditioning scalp massage as you enjoy a pure collagen mask, infused with powerful golden millet oil to boost collagen production, plump skin cells and help eliminate signs of fatigue and stress. This is followed by a toning and firming massage to define facial contours, and a brightening mask to enhance radiance.
Price: £140 Mon-Thurs - £150 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book


The best recipe for a good night’s sleep is a calm mind, fresh air, and a massage at The Spa at Coworth Park.

Ultimate Aromatherapy by Aromatherapy Associates

This hero treatment starts with a consultation to assess your emotional and physical needs, including an aroma test to select the perfect essential oil. There are twelve signature oils to choose from with powerful therapeutic benefits for body and mind. Your therapist will use carefully applied pressure to stimulate the nervous system with a combination of Swedish and neuromuscular techniques to relieve muscular tension, and lymphatic drainage to encourage healthy circulation. Prepare to leave feeling deeply relaxed and revitalised.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Invigorating Massage by ishga Organic

This invigorating treatment works by combining marma massage, lymphatic drainage and traditional Swedish massage techniques to detox and balance the body, whilst relieving tension and stress. To finish, a seaweed-based body oil helps to nourish and protect the skin. Your therapist will adapt the pressure to suit your needs.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Deep Tissue Tension Release by ishga Organic

Using ishga Muscle Recovery Oil, this treatment is designed to relieve severe tension with a range of techniques including Thai massage pressure, forearm and elbow massage, cross-fibre work, myofascial release and stretches. Ideal for those with chronic pain, injuries and postural problems, this treatment will focus on target areas and the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue to release tension.
Price: £140 Mon-Thurs / £150 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Hot Stone Massage by ishga Organic

A full body massage incorporating heated Basalt stones which instantly relax the muscles, allowing the treatment to work at a deeper level. Hot stones are useful for easing out tension, reducing aches and pains and are placed along the chakra’s to open up energy pathway’s. A seaweed base oil with lemongrass, lavender and juniper will detoxify and regenerate the skin.
Price: £135 Mon-Thurs / £145 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Hot Poultice Massage by ishga Organic

A combination of traditional massage and innovative techniques, using heated sea salt and seaweed granule-filled poultices. At the end of your treatment, you’ll be given a poultice to take away and use for a detoxifying seaweed bath experience at home.
Price: £135 Mon-Thurs / £145 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Sense of You - Carol Joy

Following a wellbeing consultation, you will be guided to select your oil choosing from balance,calm, puritity and happiness. This treatment begins with guided breathing followed by oil pouring on the back of the body sweeping away any muscular tension leaving you feeling re-balanced and restored.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book


This is the tried-and-tested technique of applying gentle pressure to key reflex points on your soles to stimulate the body’s own healing process. This treatment promotes relaxation whilst reducing stress and tension.
Price: £130 Mon-Thurs / £140 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book


Ultimate Pregnancy Massage by Aromatherapy Associates

Choose from a selection of three oils each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for your skin. Using the traditional aromatherapy pressure point massage for the upper back and paying particular attention to tight shoulders, this massage helps to relieve stress and tension. The legs are massaged with treatment oil chosen specifically for your skin type to ease the heavy feeling that can come with pregnancy.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Post-Pregnancy Nourishment by Aromatherapy Associates

Take a moment to nourish your body and soul with a deeply comforting, restorative treatment. Precious essential oil of damask rose enhances the loving emotions in mums while contributing its skin cell renewing properties to skin. Richly moisturising oils and creams are layered onto freshly exfoliated skin before being gently wrapped and left to deeply penetrate with the body’s own heat. The essential oils work simultaneously on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Pre-Natal Massage by ishga Organic

The ishga pregnancy treatment has been specifically designed to pamper mums-to-be during this special time and is suitable after the first three months of pregnancy. Following a consultation, the treatment will be tailored to your needs using a range of techniques, including traditional Swedish massage, stretching, and deeper pressure where suitable. This will help to ease any aches and pains, and melt away tension using ishga Nurturing Body Oil, with the luxurious scent of rose geranium and base oils of almond and jojoba oil.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Nail Care

We use them to express ourselves, to greet others, to make a connection. Our hands work hard for us. They deserve some love in return.

Classic Manicure

This classic manicure treatment will leave your nails looking beautiful and your hands feeling nourished and pampered, finishing with an application of Jessica polish.
Price: £60 Mon-Thurs / £70 Fri-Sat   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

GELeration Manicure

Includes cuticle care and application of Jessica’s GELeration polish, finishing with a relaxing hand massage.
Price: £70 Mon-Thurs / £80 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Classic Pedicure

This classic pedicure will leave your feet feeling soft and supple and is a complete treat for the feet, finishing with an application of Jessica polish.
Price: £60 Mon-Thurs / £70 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

GELeration Pedicure

Includes cuticle care and application of Jessica’s GELeration polish, finishing with a relaxing foot massage.
Price: £70 Mon-Thurs / £80 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Body Treatments

The epitome of relaxation. The chance to lie back, drift off and let us ease away the day. Time just for you.

Forest Therapy Treatment by Aromatherapy Associates

Immerse your senses in the healing experience of the Forest Therapy Blend, a practice which is known to improve overall wellbeing using oils blended from trees to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit leaving you feeling refreshed and relieved. A warming mud mask is applied to the feet whilst the back and legs are massage with heated stones.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment by ishga Organic

The ultimate back facial designed to rejuvenate and exfoliate, while treating any congestion to reveal a brighter and smoother skin. Beginning with a back cleanse, tone and exfoliation, a powerful heated seaweed clay mask is applied to clarify and soften the skin while providing a deep moisturizing treatment. Ideal for skin concerns such as acne on the back, dryness or skin conditions and for muscular aches and pains. A massage of the back and back of legs is also included to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.
Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

We Relax - Wellbeing by Aromatherapy Associates

With its centering and grounding techniques, this treatment will bring a sense of calm and serenity. Perfect for daytime or evening depending on whether you prefer the aromas of Deep Relax or Light Relax blends. Massage movements are focused on the back, scalp, neck and shoulders, and your therapist will share practices to help you truly and mindfully relax.
Price: £130 Mon-Thurs / £140 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

We De-Stress - Wellbeing by Aromatherapy Associates

Designed with deeply releasing massage techniques that focus on your back, legs, scalp, neck and shoulders, this treatment will clear an overactive mind and relieve physical aches according to the blend you choose; De-Stress Mind or De-Stress Muscle. Your therapist will guide you in maintaining a stress-free mindset as you return to everyday life.
Price: £130 Mon-Thurs / £140 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Guided Relaxation Techniques

A natural technique that calms the body and the mind. Your spa therapist will take you through some guided breathing and relaxation techniques to help you relax and unwind in the sanctuary of the tranquil spa environment finishing with a cup of herbal tea selected to enhance your wellbeing.
Price: £60 Mon-Thurs / £70 Fri-Sun   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book

ishga Organic Cancer Care

We offer a range of treatments suitable for those seeking recuperation before, during and after the effects or cancer treatment. These can be fully personalised with relaxation in mind and are delivered in a safe and gentle way so as not to interfere with any ongoing treatment plan or current medication. Our therapists receive specialist training to ensure they have the skills to work carefully and respectfully with our guests. Our ishga range of treatments focus on the power of touch. Following a detailed consultation a treatment plan is formed, including two therapies from the range of ishga touch treatments listed below.

Choose from: Shoulder and neck massage, foot and leg massage, scalp massage, reflexology, hand treatment or foot treatment

Price: £125 Mon-Thurs / £135 Fri-Sun   Duration: 60 minutes (choose two)Call to book
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