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45 Park Lane is a potent, living canvas for an evolving collection of work by contemporary British artists.

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Art is good for the soul. It makes you look, think, imagine. Art takes you to new places, offers fresh perspectives, raises questions. It makes you feel. As part of this ethos, every space at 45 Park Lane is a potent, living canvas for a collection of art by contemporary British artists. We invite you to explore them at your leisure, to find yourself, to lose yourself.

Flying the flag

To celebrate HM The King’s coronation, we’ve commissioned London-based artist Hormazd Narielwalla to create two designs that have been printed on 70 large-scale flags, displayed proudly on the hotel’s exterior. The artwork embodies the vibrant spirit of London’s celebrations – and provides the perfect accompaniment to Narielwalla’s ‘King and Crown’ exhibition in the hotel, running until June 22

Current exhibition

APRIL 26 – JUNE 22

Hormazd Narielwalla - King and Crown

London-based artist Hormazd Narielwalla combines collage, drawing and painting to create his bold, geometric assemblages. Composed on a background of vintage tailoring patterns, his intricate pictures tell stories of identity, memory, migration, and ceremony.


In association with Ackerman Studios, 45 Park Lane is proud to present a body of Narielwalla’s work to commemorate HM King Charles III’s coronation. This celebratory series is a visual feast of abstracted imagery that references this historic occasion’s singing and music-making, paying homage to our new King.

Hormazd Narielwalla in his studio

Upcoming exhibitions

Jo Hummel.

Jo Hummel - Somewhere here, but far away

Artist Jo Hummel creates layered, painted collages, rearranging and adjusting in a fluid process to create finished works that contain dynamism alongside harmonious ease. Drawing inspiration from her Isle of Wight home, this exhibition uses the geography and seaside paraphernalia of the coastline as a starting point for its hard-edged dividing lines, colours and motifs.

The Artisan Collab

Curated by Giovanna Ticciati – multidisciplinary designer and founder of The Artisan Collab, created to showcase the work of exceptional designers, makers and artists – this exhibition covers disciplines ranging from jewellery to paintings. Combining seemingly disparate pieces by different artisans, Ticciati celebrates the expression of something deep in us all that they share. Expect layered beauty and a celebration of master artisanship.
Artisan Collaboration

Adorned in Art Deco

This exciting exhibition celebrates all things Art Deco, with a focus on iconic imagery from 1930s – 1940s travel, fashion and advertising. Vintage imagery and paintings will sit alongside contemporary works influenced by the Art Deco style. Known for its glamour and opulence, you’ll explore the movement’s roots, from the very beginning to its continued importance today.
Yoram Chisin, Tree

Yoram Chisin - Tumultuous Beauty

Can beauty emerge from chaos? French-Israeli abstract painter Yoram Chisin believes so. By adding or exposing layers of paint on his canvases, he uses shapes – especially the square – to contain and order the many-faceted feelings of emotional chaos. A mesmerising collection of over 20 paintings, this exhibition displays the extent of Yoram’s chromatic and textural experimentations to create sculpturally-surfaced works of arresting visual depth.

Resident artist

art exhibition artwork by jill berelowitz at 45 park lane

Jill Berelowitz

Innovative London sculptor Jill Berelowitz’s ‘Moving Forward’ piece stands proudly outside the hotel. For this striking display, Jill has cast a number of sleek human forms in polished white and patinated bronze, each individually made so no two are alike. The relationships between the forms are open to interpretation, but together they act as a positive reminder of global momentum, moving onwards towards new beginnings.

Look across to The Dorchester’s forecourt to see more of Berelowitz’s work – The Dorchester Sphere, which was commissioned by Dorchester Collection to celebrate her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee.

Art - A living ethos at 45 Park Lane

Art is our landscape. The hotel is a living gallery of exciting and groundbreaking British art.

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