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Art exhibitions at 45 Park Lane

45 Park Lane is a potent, living canvas for an evolving collection of work by contemporary British artists.

45 Park Lane
Mayfair, London W1K 1PN
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Art is good for the soul. It makes you look, think, imagine. Art takes you to new places, offers fresh perspectives, raises questions. It makes you feel. As part of this ethos, every space at 45 Park Lane is a potent, living canvas for a collection of art by contemporary British artists. We invite you to explore them at your leisure, to find yourself, to lose yourself.

Current exhibition

JUNE 22 – JULY 18

Sir Peter Blake: The art of travel and a life of artistic expression

Sir Peter Blake, a leading figure in the Pop Art movement, is best known for his striking collages infused with images from popular culture. In collaboration with the prestigious Waddington Custot, we present a selection of his groundbreaking works, which captures the spirit of the artist’s decades-long career. Coinciding with Blake’s birthday, the exhibition celebrates all things Sir Peter Blake recognising his enormous contribution to the art world for over seven decades.

Portrait of peter blake

Upcoming exhibitions

Amy Judd Descending King artwork at 45 Park Lane

Amy Judd - Efflorescence

This summer sees the launch of a highly anticipated exhibition by British figurative painter Amy Judd, in collaboration with the Hicks Gallery. For her largest collection to date, Amy brings together her iconic large-scale works, alongside some new rarely seen formats. Always intriguing and often ambiguous, her works take inspiration from a female connection to nature, especially in folklore and mythology.

Resident artist

art exhibition artwork by jill berelowitz at 45 park lane

Jill Berelowitz

2021 sees the return of innovative London sculptor Jill Berelowitz, whose ‘Moving Forward’ piece will stand proudly outside the hotel. For this striking display, Jill has cast a number of sleek human forms in polished white and patinated bronze, each individually made so no two are alike. The relationships between the forms are open to interpretation, but together the piece acts as a positive reminder of global momentum as we all move towards new beginnings.

Art - A living ethos at 45 Park Lane

Art is our landscape. The hotel is a living gallery of exciting and groundbreaking British art.

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