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Homage to Howard Hughes

The Beverly Hills Hotel
Howard Hughes, the American business tycoon and legendary Hollywood personality, lived in the bungalows at The Beverly Hills Hotel on-and-off for 30 years. The freshly renovated Bungalow 3 pays homage to this mid-century original.

Of The Beverly Hills Hotel’s bungalows known as legendary retreats for Hollywood royalty for decades – there are five that feature design elements inspired by notable guests who have frequented the hotel: Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and one dedicated to long-time regular Howard Hughes.

Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live?

Howard Hughes

Hughes has said this of his life, which was equally passionately depicted in the 2004 film, ‘The Aviator’, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Bungalow 3’s look and feel are as mysterious and moody as the reclusive billionaire himself. It captures his unique character through stormy bold colours, dark stones, and rich exotic woods. Art-deco references include geometrics and rich sheens, conveying a masculine glamour through the use of glossy leathers, tailored shapes, and blue bedroom walls.

Other Howard Hughes-themed amenities include an Aviation Cocktail Kit featuring Aviation Gin, Crème Yvette liqueur, Lemon Juice and Maraschino Liqueur. Furthermore, a collection of model airplanes is located throughout the suite referencing his remarkable career in aviation as both pilot and businessman.

First introduced in 1915 to accommodate families that wanted more space and privacy, the iconic bungalows at The Beverly Hills Hotel remain an incredible and fascinating part of the hotel’s history and character – including such colourful anecdotes from Hollywood royalty past and present. The refreshment and personalisation of Bungalow 3 was part of a comprehensive bungalow restoration project led by Champalimaud Design. “The proud legacy and grand tradition of The Beverly Hills Hotel served as the basis for my design,” says the designer, Alexandra Champalimaud. “This classically rich heritage was the perfect foundation upon which I layered a contemporary and current point of view.”

Howard Hughes was a visionary who commanded the outside world, but who was also incredibly reclusive. The bungalows were his refuge and retreat, and the employees at The Beverly Hills Hotel protectors of his coveted privacy. Whilst guests eventually come and go, a sense of style and service remain the same.