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A day with Andrea Ferolla

Hotel Eden
Italian fashion illustrator Andrea Ferolla shares his artist flair by taking us to some of his best-loved cultural and foodies places in Rome.

I’ve been riding around Rome on a Vespa since I was a boy so I know the city street by street. Zig zagging through traffic and parking ‘Roman-style’ just about everywhere. Exploring over the years, I’ve discovered many incredible places and now it’s my privilege to share some of these with you. Come on a journey with me and my Vespa as I unveil some of my favourites.  Let’s get started!

For booklovers and those who like something a little out of the ordinary, our first stop is Antica Libreria Cascianelli. Tucked away behind Piazza Navona, on Largo Febo, this glorious bookshop is a pure delight. Created by the Cascianelli family in 1909, it’s still run by the same family today. Filled with wonderful treasures, rare editions and irresitible antiques, your eyes won’t know where to look first but one thing’s for sure, you’ll be glad you discovered this unique gem.

Talking about treasures, the magnificent and immortal city of Rome is home to so many fascinating treasures and the Borghese Gallery is one of my absolute favourites. Their array of masterpieces from the finest artists, including Bernini and Caravaggio, seem endless. I also adore the timeless atmosphere of this gallery. The ornate rooms are bathed in natural light on a sunny day, making it a real joy to while away an afternoon.

As an artist, I’m always on the lookout for fresh inspiration. One of the places I know I’ll find it is at the Hollywood shop. This legendary place, known for its passion for cinema, is where I can enquiry about rare films and fashion documentaries. It’s popular with great authors of Italian and international cinema, who can often be spotted here nonchalantly mixing with the Roman public.

Ristorante Pierluigi is the undisputed restaurant of the stars. Famous faces from film and television, journalists and writers, politicians and romantic couples. You come here for the atmosphere, which has a special indefinable magnetism to it. It’s the place to see and be seen.

Settimio al Pellegrino is a small family restaurant that has proudly offered the same menu for 50 years and the precious few tables make it one of the city’s most coveted restaurants for those in the know. You’ll meet Mr Mario serving the tables while Mrs Teresa does the cooking. The décor is minimal but don’t be fooled by the low profile, their regular diners include internationally renowned artists, great lawyers, Roman noblewoman and bohemians.

Our last stop is Chez Dede, a unique concept store and my own atelier. The showroom includes a bookshop, art gallery, a selection of fashion and home décor, a cozy lounge area and my studio. If you see my Vespa parked outside you’ll know I’m here, if not you can usually find me at Hotel Eden.

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Image courtesy of Kai Elmer Sotto and Daria Reina