Spa Treatments

A sophisticated, revitalising facial suitable for all skin types. A microdermabrasion machine with a diamond head infusion removes dead skin cells, providing a deep cleanse and product penetration. This is followed by an intensive scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage. The treatment concludes with the application of the tightening and lifting mask, which diminishes fine lines and provides a radiant glow.

This lifting, repairing and firming treatment includes steaming to cleanse the skin and remove impurities. A pure collagen mask, infused with powerful golden millet oil, boosts collagen production, plumps skin cells and repairs UV damage at the cellular level to eliminate signs of fatigue and stress. This is followed by an intensive scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage. A youthful finish is achieved with the tightening lifting mask.

A tailored facial for all skin types that improves the condition of any complexion to nourish, rehydrate and repair, or to heal and balance. A deeply relaxing massage is combined with a mask chosen specifically to suit the individual skin type.

This results-orientated treatment is a customised facial that reduces the signs of ageing, improves texture and diminishes fine lines. An exclusive 30% multi-acid peel balances and heals problematic skin, while advanced treatment serums leave the complexion toned, bright and glowing.

An exclusive 30% multi-acid peel brightens and refines the skin, while intensive serums cool, tighten and tone. Recommended as a series of three or six.

A condensed but thorough facial for those with little time, guaranteed to result in a radiant glow.

An intensive treatment for the eye area to diminish fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. A massage using small cool marble stones lifts and firms the area while eye rescue pads plump and smooth. This treatment may also be an effective add-on to any of the Kerstin Florian facials.

A truly soothing and calming facial suitable for irritated or sensitive skin, helping restore its natural defence system. A hydrating cleanse is followed by cooling serum to reduce redness and inflammation and restore the skin’s natural barrier. A soothing massage is performed using cool marble stones and camomile oil, followed by two mask treatments to nourish and restore the skin’s natural radiance. Whilst the active ingredients in the products are working, a relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage is performed.

The regenerative properties of rose and frankincense encourage cellular renewal to help lined, dull complexions while firming and toning the skin for radiance and freshness.

This cleansing, balancing and refreshing facial is ideal for oily, congested complexions. Orange flower, ylang ylang and lavender heal, soothe and brighten the skin. This treatment incorporates steam and extractions if required and concludes with a relaxing shoulder, face and scalp massage.

Enjoy the stunning view of our English meadow from the spa’s double suite while the therapist bathes your feet in a cooling blend of lavender and peppermint, followed by a refreshing foot and leg exfoliation. Enjoy a head to toe massage using carefully applied pressure, combined with neuromuscular and Swedish techniques. A deeply relaxing scalp and facial pressure point massage to ease any remaining tension concludes the treatment.

This treatment uses a combination of smooth hot basalt stones and cold organic marble stones across the full body area. It is ideal for those suffering from physical and emotional stress, tension and muscle strain. The effect of using hot and cold stone therapy provides a deeper dimension of relaxation, bringing balance to the mind, body and soul. The shorter treatment option concentrates on the back and shoulders.

With pressure tailored to individual preference, this massage reduces tension and mental fatigue resulting in a feeling of wellbeing and total relaxation.

For an aching back, neck and shoulders, this tension releasing massage concentrates on these specific areas most affected by pressure and stress.

A relaxing and de-stressing fingertip massage to help improve circulation, ease muscle tension and relieve headaches.

This intense massage is specifically designed for releasing pain and tension in tight, stressed and aching muscles. Stretching, draining and cross muscle fibre techniques are combined with oils containing black pepper, rosemary and ginger to warm the muscles and help disperse the built-up lactic acid.

This deeply sedating full body massage uses essential oils of vertivert, camomile and sandalwood, renowned for their calming and grounding effects. A must-have treatment for those who suffer from insomnia or long for a deep sense of tranquillity. The treatment ends with an acupressure point face and scalp massage to clear any congestion and ease an overactive mind.

Awaken your senses with the signature aroma of orange blossom, the primary ingredient of the Kerstin Florian Neroli Oil used in this deeply relaxing yet uplifting experience. A foot cleansing ritual is followed by a lymphatic dry brush technique and an energy balancing scalp massage. Finally enjoy a full body, therapeutic and meditative massage using Kerstin Florian Neroli Orange Blossom Oil.

This traditional and specialised treatment helps to increase flexibility, relieve muscular and joint tension, stimulate circulation and heighten the body’s energy levels. Loose and comfortable clothing should be worn for this treatment.

This authentic aromatherapy experience starts with a consultation to discuss any emotional and physical needs. Using a chosen oil, the therapist will apply gentle pressure to stimulate the nervous system, while Swedish and neuromuscular techniques relieve tension and the lymphatic drainage will encourage healthy circulation. Working from head to toe, this massage will dissolve stress and tension.

Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to the points in the feet, stimulating the body’s own healing process. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress and tension and improves digestion.

A divine massage treatment to ease tired, aching feet and legs. Commencing with a refreshing and uplifting exfoliation using Turkish eucalyptus salts, followed by a soothing and relaxing massage. Perfect after a long country walk or game of tennis.

An adapted version of our Coworth Park Signature Treatment, this sublimely relaxing and results-driven spa experience focuses on the areas most in need of attention during pregnancy. This popular ritual incorporates a back cleanse, exfoliation and back massage followed by a dreamy fingertip scalp massage. An Essential Rose Facial with a gel mask is then applied, and while this is
cooling and refreshing the skin, the therapist performs a foot massage using warm or cold marble stones to reduce any discomfort or swelling.

The ideal treatment for expectant mothers to relax and feel nurtured and supported. Particular attention is paid to tight, tense shoulders and legs are massaged to ease swelling. A blissful scalp and facial massage completes this top to toe treatment. Not suitable within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Give the skin some special attention during and after the stresses of pregnancy with this nourishing treatment. Rich moisturising oils and creams are layered onto freshly exfoliated skin, followed by a warming wrap envelopment during which the face and scalp are massaged. Not suitable within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

(All spa days are suitable for ladies and gentlemen. With the exception of the Sunday Special, spa days are available Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays). Not all spa days are suitable during pregnancy. Please discuss with the spa receptionist.

The following spa days (with the exception of the Sunday Special Spa Day) include coffee or tea and house-made muffins on arrival, unlimited use of the facilities between 9am and 7pm and a two course spa day lunch with a fresh fruit juice or a smoothie served in The Spatisserie. A post-treatment herbal tea is served in the afternoon. Spa day guests are also welcome to enjoy the 240 acres of gardens and parkland of Coworth Park.

Indulge yourself or treat someone special to a Champagne Spa Day. Treatments commence with the Eucalyptus Body Exfoliation, followed by a Classic Swedish Massage and Kerstin Florian’s Sublime Prescription Facial. The Hands-On Manicure and Hot to Trot Pedicure complete the day. A glass of champagne is served with the spa day lunch.

Treatments for both face and body, commencing with a Eucalyptus Body Exfoliation, Target Tension Massage, and finally, the Kerstin Florian Prescription Facial.

A sublimely relaxing and results driven treatment focusing on the areas usually most demanding of attention. This spa experience incorporates a Back Treatment, Back and Scalp massage, a Prescriptive Facial and a warm Stone Foot Massage. Please note this is one treatment, each element flowing into another

Choose between the Kerstin Florian Sublime Prescription Facial, the Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Facial, or the Classic Swedish Massage.

Enjoy complete pampering with a choice of a Prescription Facial, Essential Rose Facial or Skin Solution Facial, followed by an afternoon tea in The Spatisserie. A selection of sandwiches, freshly-made scones and cakes and pastries are made by our award-winning pastry chef, served with a choice of premium tea or coffee. Available on Sundays only, arrival from 12 noon. Use of facilities until 7pm.

For those requiring a revitalising but relaxing day, a Detox Spirulina Wrap is followed by the Target Tension Massage, and finally an Aromatherapy Associates Essential Rose Facial, Skin Solution Facial, or a Kerstin Florian Sublime Prescription Facial.

A special spa day incorporating the Carol Joy Luxury Collagen Facial, which is specially tailored for a mature complexion, helping to restore a youthful, radiant glow.

A specially tailored version of our Signature Spa Day, this is suitable during pregnancy (over 12 weeks), to help soothe areas in need of attention.

(Not suitable during pregnancy)

A treatment designed to streamline, refine and firm body contours and promote detoxification. Kerstin Florian’s brightening body peel exfoliates the skin, stimulates lymphatic drainage, increases circulation and encourages absorption of active firming ingredients. This is followed by a nourishing spirulina mask and a relaxing scalp massage. A vigorous toning body massage using Intensive Slimming Serum with ginger and caffeine helps break down cellulite and boost circulation. Finally, cool compresses help sculpt and shape as Multi Vitamin Firming Creme hydrates and brightens the skin.

Experience the healing and soothing powers of wild, organic lavender oil. An invigorating exfoliation is based on unique salt crystals derived from a thermal mineral source. This is followed by a soothing and relaxing full body massage using warm healing stone movements on the back and soles of the feet, ending with a luxurious fingertip scalp massage.

To begin, earthly minerals are combined with healing ginger in an invigorating full body exfoliation. This is followed by a pampering full body massage with organic ginger oil, incorporating warm healing stones applied to the back and arms. A relaxing pressure point scalp massage completes this head-to-toe treatment.

Glorious moor mud is legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties. It has been used for centuries to improve circulation, strengthen immunity and to soothe and rejuvenate tired, aching muscles, making it perfect for after exercise or over-indulgence. This detoxifying body wrap includes a heavenly scalp massage, whilst the natural PH levels of the moor mud help to gently exfoliate and hydrate the body. Finally, a mineral-based body cream nourishes the skin.

Using live spirulina algae, this seaweed treatment imparts essential vitamins, minerals and protein to nourish and revitalise the body. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation and a heavenly scalp massage is provided during the wrap, finishing with an application of marine firming body cream. An effective treatment for detoxifying and combating cellulite, it can be enhanced with a relaxing personalised aromatherapy massage

The invigorating body scrub removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation. The thorough exfoliation is removed with warm lavender infused towels, leaving your skin perfectly cleansed, polished and smooth. The treatment concludes with a relaxing application of luxurious body moisturiser.

Precious essential oil of damask rose works on capillary circulation, renewing the skin whilst soothing emotions and lifting the spirits. This treatment begins with a gentle olive grain exfoliation, followed by layers of warmed rose gel, oil and body cream. While enveloped in a rose body wrap, a wonderful scalp massage will calm and the mind.

A sublimely relaxing and results-driven spa experience focusing on the areas most in need of attention. This popular ritual incorporates a back treatment using moor mud to exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your skin. A dreamy scalp massage is carried out while smooth basalt hot stones warm and de-stress your spine. A bespoke Kerstin Florian Prescription Facial is then performed using products carefully chosen for your skin’s needs, and finally, a luxurious hot stone foot massage will send you to relaxation heaven. An adapted version of this treatment is available for during pregnancy (over 12 weeks). Please advise of pregnancy at the time of booking.

Relax and indulge with the ultimate OPI ProSpa Pamper Manicure. The crème de la crème of manicures provides unparalleled exfoliation, rehydration and nail protection. A combination of massage techniques and acupressure is designed to reduce stress and tension.

Relax and indulge with the ultimate OPI ProSpa Pamper Pedicure, which provides unparalleled hard skin softening, exfoliation, rehydration and nail protection. A combination of massage techniques and acupressure are designed to reduce stress and tension.

The quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with bespoke treatment services for a personalised manicure.

The quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with bespoke treatment services for a personalised pedicure.

A deeply cleansing and brightening facial, incorporating a deep cleanse, tone, extraction (when necessary) and mask application, as well as a pressure point facial massage with lymphatic drainage around the eye area, helping to reduce puffiness. Skin is left looking clean and luminous.

An express deep cleanse, facial massage and moisturisation for the man in a hurry.

This intense massage is designed to release pain and tension in tight, aching muscles. Stretching, draining and cross muscle fibre techniques are combined with oils containing black pepper, rosemary and ginger to warm the muscles and help disperse built-up lactic acid. Perfect for polo players and other sporty types.

A back cleanse and exfoliation refreshes the skin, while a stress relieving back massage and Ayurvedic scalp massage pinpoints areas of tension, bringing relief to tired and aching muscles. A deep cleansing facial incorporates a blend of the finest essential oils and natural botanicals unique to The Refinery range, leaving skin bright, supple and refreshed.

The arms and hands are exfoliated and massage and cuticles are nourished with OPI ProSpa products. Nails are shaped and buffed for a perfectly groomed appearance.

The feet are exfoliated and softened with the OPI ProSpa products. A relaxing and nourishing foot massage is followed by cuticle tidying, nail shaping and buffing for a perfectly groomed appearance.

Luxurious Natural Aromatherapy

For over 30 years, Aromatherapy Associates, a truly British brand, has been harnessing the healing powers of the finest natural ingredients, purest extracts and essential oils to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Their award-winning products and treatments provide an aromatherapy experience that is as effective as it is luxurious.

Swiss Anti-Ageing

Carol Joy London brings innovation to international skincare with a technological breakthrough in the field of anti-ageing. Over a decade of Swiss research has resulted in an exclusive product range containing golden millet oil in its purest, most concentrated form.

Traditional European Therapies

Kerstin Florian combines the ancient healing traditions of Europe with products infused with rich natural ingredients extracted from the highest quality resources.

A Facilities Pass may be purchased for £35 when a minimum of £70 is spent on treatments. This permits use of all facilities from 9am to 7pm, including the gym, swimming pool with surrounding relaxation area, sun terrace, aromatic steam room and experience shower. Please reserve your Facilities Pass in advance as availability is limited. Available weekdays only.