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45 Park Lane and London

London is one of the world’s most impressive capital cities with a unique and vibrant blend of history and culture. We’re here to guide you through a seemingly endless number of museums, galleries, public parks and attractions to decide what’s right for your visit and the best way to make some great memories of your time in this lovely city.

45 Park Lane
London W1K 1PN
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#DCmoments London Shopping Guide

World-class shopping, foodie hotspots, royal warrants and heritage galore? It must be London. From impeccable tailoring and luxury cheese to the coolest cafés around, let us show you our favourite places to go in the British capital.

#DCmoments London Guide

Our on-the-ground guide to London uncovers the hidden spots around the city you won’t find in the tourist books. From elegant Knightsbridge to arty Shoreditch, this is your key to unlocking the best of the capital.
Looking out of the Sky Garden in London
The pudding bar in The Grill is lit up from behind

#DCmoments London Food Guide

London’s vibrant food scene is as diverse as its neighbourhoods. Luckily our content creator is an expert when it comes to the capital’s best bars and restaurants, so join him on an exclusive gourmet tour of the city.

45 Park Lane

Let us show you how to make the most of every minute in London. From the famous museums and galleries to charming parks and restaurants, it’s all there – and it’s all on the doorstep of 45 Park Lane.
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Map of London with major attractions