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Afternoon Tea

$60 Per Adult, $36 Per Child (Little Royals Tea) Friday and Saturday Reservations accepted from 3:00pm – 4:00pm +1 310 909 1644 Savory Bites

  • Maryland Blue Crab “Roll”, Herb Remoulade
  • Japanese Cucumber, Herb Cream Cheese, Pan De Mie
  • House Cured Smoked Salmon, Dill Cream, Brioche, Micro Arugula
  • Organic Jidori Chicken Salad, Golden Raisins,Walnut Bread
  • Sourdough “Grilled Cheese” Sandwich, Gruyere
  • Wild Mushroom Duxelle & Laura Chenel Goat Cheese En Croute

Fresh From the Oven

  • Sour Cherry, Blueberry & Buttermilk Almond Scones with Housemade Preserves, Echire Butter & Devonshire Cream

Assiette Of Sweets

  • Chocolate Dipped Cream Puff
  • French Macaroon
  • Pistachio Financier
  • Huckleberry Cheesecake
  • Alfajores, Dulce de Leche

Champagne & Other Bubbly Beginnings Moët & Chandon “Dom Pérignon”, Brut, Épernay 2000 515 Louis Roederer, “Cristal”, Brut, Reims 2004 600 Henriot, “Souverain”, Brut, Reims NV 110 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, “Yellow Label”, Brut, Reims NV 150 Billecart-Salmon, Brut, Rosé, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ NV 250 Henriot, Rosé, Champagne, France NV 158 Laurent-Perrier, “L.P.”, Brut, Tours-sur-Marne NV 97 Roederer Estate, “L’Ermitage”, Brut, Anderson Valley 2003 81


  • Compressed Market Fruit
  • Organic Jidori Chicken Salad, Walnut Bread Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Banana, Brioche Sourdough “Grilled Cheese” Sandwich, Gruyere
  • Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese en Croute

Fresh From the Oven

  • Sour Cherry, Blueberry & Buttermilk Almond Scones with Housemade Preserves, Echire Butter & Devonshire Cream

Assiette Of Sweets 

  • Chocolate Yule Log
  • Pumpkin Whoopie Pie
  • Raspberry Linzer
  • Holiday Cookie

LOOSE LEAF TEA SELECTIONS White Silver Needle Young, Narrow Tea Leaves Picked Before They Unfurl Green Sencha Aromatic Notes Of Cut Grass and Sea Foam Genmai Cha Matcha, Sencha Leaves, Puffed & Roasted Rice Hojicha Roasted Late Summer Harvest Tea Lung Ching Dragon Well Rich, Nutty, Butter Finish Jasmine Downy Pearls Hand-Rolled, Night Blooming Jasmine Scented Royal Chrysanthemum Blossom Unfurling Hand Tied Green Tea Leaves, Japanese Chrysanthemum Hotel Bel Air Swan Song Blend of Guayusa, White Tip Jasmine, Hibiscus, Green Rooibos Oolong Sacred Orchid Lilac & Gardenia Scent Ti Kwan Yin Aroma Of Herbs, Nuts and Melons Black Darjeeling Muscat Grape Character, Floral Notes Earl Grey with Bergamot Yunnan Tea Blend, Sicilian Bergamot Oil Assam Malty Organic Golden Infusion Lion Mountain Keemum Flinty, Plum Like Flavor Lapsang Souchong Yunnan Black Tea Smoke Over Pine Root Fires Herb Fresh Mint Spearmint Leaves from Scarborough Farms HBA Rejuvenation Blend Apricot Essence, Lemon Myrtle, Rooibos, Rosehips Egyptian Chamomile Hand Picked Dried Chamomile Flowers From Nile River Delta