Spa Treatments at Club 10 Spa and Fitness in Milan

Moisturizing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle effect

An olive oil cuddle for the face, with the help of Mediterranean Organic Pochon and the Double Hydrating Mask. Fully customizable, anti-aging and soothing provide a soft, moisturizing and comfortable effect for a fresh and rested skin. Organic ingredients

Advanced anti-age “Sensai Beauty” treatment with the luxurious products of the Premier Line to regain elasticity

Re-balancing and decongesting; for an even complexion

Thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid, helps the skin to synthesize their own substance fundamental and fill wrinkles from the inside)

Regenerates and repairs the damages of dry skin

To tone up and model the bust

An aromatherapy ritual that through active ingredients of red grape will be moisturizing, antioxidant and firming for face and body. Exfoliation, mask with grape must and massage with oil for velvety and bright skin.

A journey through the seas where, from port to port, the scents and the colours of the Orient are mixed in marine wealth. Calming and soothing properties for the nervous system, promotes the elimination of toxic elements produced during periods of stress.

Purifying, draining and nourishing in a pleasant and warm massage

Stimulating for skin, circulation and muscles

To restore and stimulate the body’s natural function by applying pressure to specific points of the body. To re-balance body and mind

A massage – meditation that involves all spiritual, psychological and physical levels, improving all organs functionality and emotional attitude to regain a sense of total well-being.

Ankles and feet present reflex points that are connected to the organs of the body: a correct pressure re-balances their functionality


The Spa provides a sanctuary of tranquility, our comprehensive menu offers services to fit any schedule.

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