A feast for the senses

Acanto Restaurant at Hotel Principe di Savoia

Acanto Restaurant brings its natural charm to the rituals of dining and adds a twist of our personality to elevate the experience into new heights of excellence.

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Quite simply a celebration of great food and drink. Check availability and book a table online.
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Elegant Milanese interiors and a charming Italian garden with soothing fountain to gaze out at.

Acanto cuisine combines a lightness of touch with innovative cooking techniques to create dishes of exceptional quality. Bathed in natural light throughout the day, the atmosphere of the restaurant is magically transformed by night when the view of the garden is illuminated.

Sensory experience
Acanto Restaurant tells the story of Italian food. The way we describe, serve and present your meal guides the senses to a new appreciation of the cuisine. You see it in technicolour, and as a real gift to enjoy.

Stylish setting

Sense of theatre

Sociable spot

The chef
The concept
The view

The chef
Introducing Matteo Gabrielli

Hailing from Varese, Matteo Gabrielli's cooking is underpinned by Lombard traditions – and his own inspired creativity. He brings an innovative twist to classic dishes at Acanto Restaurant, showcasing the best of Italian cuisine with carefully chosen ingredients.

Which country is home to the most indigenous vines in the world? Italy, of course, and it’s a real joy for me to share this rich heritage.

Mara Vicelli, Head Sommelier

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