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Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse

Headed by Alain Ducasse with executive chef Amaury Bouhours, Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse has become the epicurean address in Paris. Free of limitations, the team presents a whole new way of enjoying the Michelin-starred experience.

Chef Amaury Bouhours under Alain Ducasse’s guidance
Style/Design feature:
Inspired by Versailles, designed by Philippe Stark
Two Michelin stars
Inspired by the Salon de la Paix at the Château de Versailles, ornate splendour and playful modern touches blend seamlessly, setting a majestic scene for our chef’s outstanding cuisine.
Crispy blue lobster / radish / red orach / prune

The experience, the story, the food

At the very heart of the restaurant is a celebration of instinctive flavour combination with an environmental conscience. Sophisticated techniques transform simple ingredients through the touch of talented Amaury Bouhours. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery.
Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse - Poularde de Culoiseau à l'ail des ours, asperge verte et sapin

A symphony of Grand Siècle splendour and modern lines

Inspired by the Salon de la Paix at the Château de Versailles and reinterpreted by Philippe Starck, this is a room of majestic, classical elegance combined with contemporary delight.
Inside Restaurant Le Meurice Alan Ducasse at Le Meurice Paris
Strawberry Cifflorette, basilic - Vanilla Pod from Madagascar - Rhubarb Flower

Worth the wait

Exclusively at Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse, award-winning pastry chef Cédric Grolet breaks all the rules with innovative plated desserts, centred around his three key principles: one flavour in multiple textures, one surprise element, and of course stunning presentation. The results are exceptional.
Rhubarb Flower by Cédric Grolet
Portrait of Alain Ducasse at Le Meurice Paris

Alain Ducasse

Born on a farm in the south west of France, Alain Ducasse first discovered a taste for cooking at an early age. At just 16, the young chef entered the restaurant world in his native region, before training with chefs such as Michel Guérard, Gaston Lenôtre, Alain Chapel and Roger Vergé. In 2005, Ducasse became the first chef to have three restaurants with three Michelin stars at the same time.

Portrait of Amaury Bouhours at Le Meurice Paris

Amaury Bouhours

Executive chef Amaury Bouhours is our rising star. Beginning his career at Le Louis XV in Monaco, he then went on to work for Alain Ducasse restaurants around Paris, before joining Le Meurice as chef de cuisine. In June 2020, it was quite natural that Ducasse would hand over the reins to Amaury: “If I chose Amaury, it was because he has the potential to embody a new stage in the life of the restaurant at Le Meurice.”

Portrait of Cédric Grolet at Le Meurice Paris

Cédric Grolet

When it came to choosing a pâtissier for the restaurant, it could only be Cédric Grolet. Our world-renowned pastry chef and Brevet Technique des Métiers graduate – the highest qualification in his field – is the undisputed master of his art. Since joining in 2012 he’s earned multiple awards, including World’s Best Pastry Chef 2018, and expanded his empire with new patisseries in Paris.



We’re proud to announce that Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse has been recognised by sustainable restaurant label Ecotable, making us the first Parisian hotel to receive this accolade. Following a meticulous audit, the restaurant was awarded the label’s highest rating thanks to its use of sustainably-sourced produce, anti-food waste philosophy, and plant-based offerings.

A show kitchen with chefs at Le Meurice, Paris

The Chef's Table

Enter a theatre of surprise through a private entrance and learn the secrets of the Michelin-starred kitchen from this exclusive table. Here, executive chef Amaury Bouhours guides you through his menu in an intimate atmosphere, while the kitchen performs its ballet before you.

Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse - service team with Gabriel Veissaire, Alban Del Monte, Olivier Bikao and Julie Bares-Bonneau

In perfect harmony

Under the seamless conduction of Olivier Bikao, the service is both relaxed and anticipatory. A rapport with this young restaurant manager feels instantaneous. Everything is simpler, everything is possible. Gabriel Veissaire, the head sommelier, engages in the adventure with his personal recommendations.

Buddha hand - Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse

France’s natural bounty

Amaury’s ecological vision goes beyond fruit and vegetables. He chooses simple, authentic ingredients and uses each and every part, from stalk to seed. Dishes pay a glowing tribute to our wonderful producers, many of whom are based locally to keep our supply chain short.

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