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Facials by Valmont

More than just a lovely indulgence, professional facials can improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing. All our facials are available for 60 minutes or intensive 90 minutes.

Purity of the Alps facial

More than a simple skin cleansing
This expert treatment includes 12 steps to gently and comfortably free skin of impurities. From pre-cleansing to the final touch, Purity of the Alps blends the delicacy of subtle gestures with the effectiveness of Valmont products. Designed to purify and balance the complexion, this latest Valmont treatment is intended for all, and particularly for those whose skin displays a flawed texture, an uneven complexion or a
predisposition to imperfections.

With Intense Hydration Collagen Mask (260€ – 90 minutes)

Price: €130   Duration: 45 minutesCall to book

Customised facial ritual

Moisturising, Energy or Radiance Ritual
This bespoke treatment begins with a personalised diagnosis of your skin’s needs, followed by a complete facial, including exfoliation, massage, and Valmont collagen face mask. This nourishing combination replenishes and hydrates from within, minimising wrinkles and restoring vitality for a dazzling glow.
Price: €198   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €270   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Anti-wrinkle elixir des glaçiers with collagen mask

Anti-ageing treatment
This treatment uses a lifting elixir, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines whilst preparing skin for a lifting and firming massage. A collagen mask restores vitality and youthfulness, leaving your complexion fresh and glowing.
Price: €230   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €290   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Majestic treatment

This comprehensive treatment designed for the face and the décolleté offers a moment of perfect delight, including beautifying care for the hands.
Soin Majestueux nourishes, sculpts and remodels, with pride of place for massage treatments: the face and neck enjoy a voluptuous 45-minute massage. This exclusive treatment combines three different
massage protocols. The face enjoys the finest technical expertise from Magicien du Temps.

Stress vanishes thanks to an energizing massage, leaving the face smooth and radiant. A lifting, nourishing massage inspired by surgical lifting techniques targets the muscles of the face for toning action that smooths facial lines.
The treatment includes a youth massage inspired by the Japanese Kobido massage technique. Kobido was created in Japan in 1472 for the Empress, and went on to become a traditional art of rejuvenation
for Japanese women. It consists of pressure and friction on the meridians and on acupuncture points in the face and neck. This step of Soin Majestueux offers sculpting and modeling effects for in-depth
rejuvenating action.

For 90 delightful minutes, this experience includes two cleansings, three massages and four masks, and the indispensable Regenerating Mask Treatment collagen mask…a veritable fountain of youth. A majestic treatment: 90 minutes of exquisite pleasure to be savored without restraint.

Price: €395   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Summit of the Cervin

For this luxurious treatment, Valmont presents five innovative techniques to leave skin looking lifted and smooth. After deep cleansing and exfoliation with Valmont’s signature butterfly motion, you’ll enjoy gentle facial massages to sculpt and lift the features. The final touch is a collagen mask to leave skin feeling firm, plump and restored.
Price: €230   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €290   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book


As well as the resulting state of lovely, languid bliss, massage has been shown to improve the quality of our sleep, our immune system and promote a overall sense of wellbeing.

Relaxing massage

Soft and supple
This gentle massage imparts a feeling of absolute relaxation. Fluid strokes relax muscles and stimulate tissues for supple firmness. The skin is softened and moisturised, the body feels lighter, fatigue fades, and a feeling of relaxation abounds.
Price: €110   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book
Price: €198   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €270   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Swedish massage

Relaxation and recovery
This deep and stimulating massage uses precise strokes and careful movements to soothe tired, weak muscles, to help restore strength and tone. The body is left with renewed vitality and energy, free of stress and anxiety. This treatment is an ideal way to relieve the effects of jet lag.
Price: €110   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book
Price: €198   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €270   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Balinese massage

Muscle tone and wellbeing
This Indonesian massage focuses on stimulating the body’s energy points and is gentle, relaxing and revitalising all at once. Warm oil, pressure and stretching techniques improve muscle tone, circulation and range of movement for total wellbeing.
Price: €110   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book
Price: €198   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €270   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Sweetness massage for mother to be

This very special massage helps to melt away tension and stress to lull your body into a deep relaxation with natural care oil.
Price: €198   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €270   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Plantar reflexology

Anti-stress and anti-fatigue
For this treatment, energy points under the arch of the foot are stimulated using strong, precise massage strokes, whilst relaxing muscles, relieving tension and energising the body, to restore your physical and mental wellbeing.
Price: €110   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book
Price: €198   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Hot stone massage

Relaxing and calming
This relaxing treatment uses the therapeutic heat from volcanic stones to help ease tight muscles. The action of the stones, combined with essential oils creates a comforting, soothing experience.
Price: €210   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €280   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Massage with aromatic thai herb bags

Soothing and rejuvenating
Reviving a traditional treatment method, this comforting massage uses bags of aromatic Thai herbs and warm oil, which are applied directly onto the body. Each bag is filled with lemongrass, mint, lemon balm and ginger to help soothe, relax and rejuvenate.

The combination of gentle pressure and heat makes this a unique experience to help rediscover the balance between body and mind.

Price: €210   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €280   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Body treatments

The epitome of relaxation. The chance to lie back, drift off and let us ease away the day. Time just for you..

Relaxing back massage

Complete muscle relaxation
Beginning with an exfoliation for soft skin, this treatment centres on a stress-relieving massage for relaxed muscles and a peaceful mind. To finish, gentle wrapping restores suppleness, helping to improve posture and leave you feeling revived and energised.
Price: €180   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Leg toning treatment

Lightness and vitality treatment
Unwind after the rigours of air travel with this relaxing treatment. A drainage massage leaves muscles relaxed and tones tired skin. Heaviness in your legs is relieved, leaving you invigorated and refreshed.
Price: €135   Duration: 45 minutesCall to book

Peaks of slimness

Slender silhouette
This treatment remodels the silhouette through targeted movements to stimulate tissue firmness. Various pressure massage techniques are felt deep within the body, leaving it sculpted and toned. Curves are reshaped and the silhouette feels slimmed for a firm physique.
Price: €210   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Exfoliating treatments

Softness and energy
Exfoliants made with flower petals are applied with light, targeted strokes. Skin texture is refined and its suppleness and balance is restored, leaving your skin smooth, luminous and delicately scented.
Price: €135   Duration: 40 minutesCall to book

Body masks

Nourishing and hydrating
Choose from a mask made from plant essences, volcanic earth or hibiscus flowers, to nourish and hydrate the body for a radiant glow and a feeling of deep relaxation.
Price: €125   Duration: 40 minutesCall to book

Spa packages and duo treatments

An itinerary of sheer bliss interspersed with delicious food, peaceful relaxation and a lot of tranquil lounging.

Cocooning tea time duo ritual / Champagne

Gourmet indulgence
Relax during a quiet afternoon at Spa Valmont pour Le Meurice and enjoy the sauna, hammam, and lounge. Choose from a relaxing massage with honey and orange blossom essential oils or let yourself be tempted by a customised Valmont facial. The good times continue at Restaurant Le Dalí, where you’ll enjoy a fabulous afternoon tea.

Tea-time ‘Le Dali’

Tea-time ‘Champagne’

Price: €510 for 2 people   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €550 for 2 people   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Intimate champagne duo

Relaxing and intimate
Spa Valmont pour Le Meurice has a special treat in store for couples, or anyone wanting to share a moment with someone special. Spend time together in our relaxing hammam, unwind with a soothing warm oil massage and sip a glass of champagne before enjoying a quiet moment in the lounge.
Price: €430 for 2 people   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Elixir des glaçiers treatment

Anti-ageing treatment
The quintessence of a formula meets a luxuriously indulgent protocol for a complete anti-ageing and firming treatment for face and body. An exceptional, high-performance treatment that celebrates women’s beauty.
Price: €495   Duration: 180 minutesCall to book

Pampering sensation treatment

An invitation to escape with an exclusive body treatment including a scrub, a mask and a massage with delicate natural oil, giving back to the skin all its radiance. This personalized care rebalances the body and the mind.
Price: €360   Duration: 120 minutesCall to book


Mister 'M' ritual

Restorative men’s facial
Created just for men, this moisturising, fatigue-fighting and anti-ageing facial combines Valmont expertise with DNA-based science and collagen concentrate. Skin is deeply nourished and wrinkles are minimised, leaving your complexion looking brighter and energised.
Price: €198   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book
Price: €270   Duration: 90 minutesCall to book

Nail care

The final touch.

Divine hand therapy

Softness and beauty
This softening treatment for the hands and nails begins with a relaxing hand bath. A massage using essential oils nourishes cuticles and nails, and a rich, creamy mask pampers the skin. Finally, a full manicure leaves you with beautiful nails.
Price: €100   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Divine foot therapy

Lightness and beauty
This nourishing treatment for the feet and the nails acts like an extraordinary antifatigue, associated with a massage and relaxing gestures. Nails are enhanced with our polish. This treatment revitalizes the feet and gives a pleasant feeling of lightness.
Price: €100   Duration: 60 minutesCall to book

Divine nail therapy

Price: €80   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book

Polish or French polish

Price: Polish €35 - French Polish €40   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book

Semi-permanent nail polish removing

Price: €50   Duration: 30 minutesCall to book

Semi-Permanent manicures/pedicures

Price: €150   Duration: 50 minutesCall to book

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