Beauty treatments

The regenerative and perfecting power of the rose de Granville inspired a treatment specially developed for all types of skin, even the most demanding. This luxurious skincare,
combined with stress-releasing strokes, lavishes the face and back in absolute comfort. The skin is intensely nourished and replenished, leaving it as soft as a rose petal.

This treatment combines a 45-minute facial massage with a 15-minute sculpting massage that specifically targets the facial contour, lips or eyes. To prepare the skin, it is minutely cleansed and purified, making it more receptive to the regenerative and perfecting power of the Granville rose. Next, high-precision dynamic strokes release the tensions arising from the onslaught of daily life as they stimulate the skin’s regeneration. Dewy plumpness, suppleness and comfort are restored to the skin. The face appears restructured.

Gentle strokes reactivate vital circulation as kneading movements smooth and refine the contour of the face, relieving the effects of fatigue that weigh it down. The shape of the face is redefined and cheekbones are replumped..

Pressure points and smoothing strokes eliminate any muscular tension from the panoramic eye zone, which is often strained from exposition to artificial light such as screens and smartphones. Effortlessly, the eye area is fully revealed and illuminated.

Deep, kneading and smoothing strokes act on the nasolabial folds and zygomatic muscles to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, replump the lips and stimulate skin tone. The lip contour is redefined and the smile sparkles, brightening the face.

The ultimate holistic treatment for total harmony. Mild exfoliation and stimulating pinching movements prepare the skin to receive the incredible vital force of Yquem sap essence. Shiatsu techniques, applied to the scalp, face and shoulders, bring the body into a state of deep relaxation. The facial muscles are intensely sculpted to release microtensions. The skin is transformed, resplendent: it reveals a spectacular glow.

This meticulous sculpting massage, administered as steam is applied, clears the skin of impurities and restores suppleness and balance. A pure glow emanates from the freshly cleared, clarified complexion, and the skin breathes freely.

A harmonious combination of strokes and exquisitely light touches eliminates toxins and liberates the circulation of energy deep within the skin. The complexion is perfectly evened out, and it glows with radiant beauty.

This invigorating massage boosts the skin’s moisture flow and restores its natural plumpness. The features are filled out. The skin is stimulated and softened, as it regains all its sensations.

This profound, dynamic massage – administered to various parts of the body, including the back, trapezius muscles, neck and head – has an immediate transformational effect on the
panoramic eye zone. The eyes sparkle, bringing a spectacular beauty to the full expression of the face.

This precise, intense massage restructures the skin, plumps and illuminates it. Ideal firmness is restored to the face, while all the visible signs of age – wrinkles, loss of tone, dullness, pigmentation irregularities – are visibly reduced. The face radiates beauty.

Enveloping strokes bring harmony to the figure and deep relaxation to the entire body. Expansive movements and flowing transitions transform the posture and release tension. Enjoy immediate release and an exceptional experience of well-being and harmony.


From legs to back to face, this thorough massage relaxes all the muscles and stimulates the body’s vital flow. A facial treatment completes this energizing ritual. Fatigue is forgotten and the body feels light and profoundly revitalized.

An ideal way for athletic individuals to prepare for a sports performance or to improve their muscular recovery, this powerful deep tissue massage eliminates the body’s tensions.
Precise strokes release any contractions in the muscles and joints. The body and mind are energized, filled with extraordinary vitality.

This deep sculpting massage eases tensions with a combination of synchronized strokes, movements which affect the reflex zones, and breathing exercises. The Dior photostimulation technique stimulates the energy centers to bring a new vitality to the entire body. The figure is reshaped and visibly dynamized. For a unique sensation of fulfillment.

This manual sculpting massage, applied with the Dior photostimulation technique, deeply stimulates the muscles to bring them back to their natural position and restore their density. The body’s movements are reset, and a firm, flexible support system is restored.

This deep back massage, followed by a series of kneading, smoothing and sweeping movements, slims a targeted zone of the body (bust, waist or abdomen) and revives energy through a stimulation of the muscles and skin. The allure is more slender and the body’s movements are more supple and fluid.

This powerful energizing massage sculpts the body and redefines its curves. Lively, precise, minute strokes stimulate the firmness of tissues in the zones identified as deficient
during the diagnosis phase. The body is firmed and more toned.

This warm cream massage, followed by a deep exfoliation, promotes the skin’s renewal. Skin is smoothed and profoundly moisturized for an incomparable silky softness.

After harmonizing the nails and administering a skincare treatment, the Beauty Expert will offer to apply nude or coloured Dior nail lacquer to perfect the beauty of your hands.

This treatment combines beneficial hand wraps and massages. The tissues are fully regenerated and plumped for incredibly silky hands. Nail lacquer is applied to personalize the beauty makeover.

This specific treatment begins with a mild microdermabrasion and photostimulation exfoliation and continues with a massage and wrap. The hands enjoy a genuine rejuvenation. Nail lacquer is applied to personalize the beauty makeover.

The powerful, localized massaging motions, the deep pressure movements applied with the fingers to foot reflex areas and the massaging of the lower legs harmonize vital functions, release stress and nervous tensions, and infuse the entire body with an anti-fatigue effect. A new-found vitality.

After harmonizing the nails and administering a skincare treatment, the Beauty Expert will offer to apply nude or coloured Dior nail lacquer to perfect the beauty of your feet.

This very thorough treatment relieves fatigue and provides soothing comfort. The Dior microdermabrasion and photostimulation technique smooths and softens the skin. You’ll enjoy an infinite sensation of lightness, which lasts over time. Nail lacquer is applied to personalize the beauty makeover.

The Dior Backstage Beauty Experts provide you with their full expertise for a complete, personalized beauty session.

The secrets of personalized makeup: each zone of the face receives special attention. The essential Dior touch to complete a style or bring a signature look to an outfit.

A deep massage administered with the application of steam to clear the skin of impurities. Skin is reoxygenated and its suppleness is restored. The visible signs of fatigue disappear.

This profound, dynamic massage – administered to various parts of the body, including the back, trapezius muscles, neck and head – has an immediate transformational effect on the panoramic eye zone. The eyes reveal a new vivacity. The character of the face is improved.

This toning massage smooths the features and illuminates the complexion. Strength and energy are restored to a man’s face as the signs of age disappear.