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Bungalow 1 at The Beverly Hills Hotel

This bungalow was Marilyn Monroe’s, and now it’s yours. You can almost picture her padding around in a fluffy robe and slippers. Warmth and femininity abound in this beautiful destination that’s number one in so many ways.
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The Beverly Hills Hotel,
9641 Sunset Boulevard,
Beverly Hills CA 90210


Inspired by past guest Marilyn Monroe, the thoughtful design incorporates aspects of Monroe’s life: a library of books, and design elements inspired by her most celebrated movie roles. Just add a light spritz of Chanel N°5 and channel your inner star.

Design lovers

A sense of history


The Bungalow
The View
The Bathroom
Her inspiration


A private sanctuary

Your gloriously huge and comfortable bed is made for blissful slumbers. Exquisite Egyptian cotton invites you in for a wonderful night’s sleep.

At a glance

At once playful and sophisticated, this is a bungalow that truly reflects the Californian lifestyle Marilyn loved so much.


Connecting room option

Private patio

Spacious living room

Working fireplace

Walk-in wardrobe

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The Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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